10 Mistakes Guitar Players Make, When Learning to Play The Guitar

10 Mistakes Guitar Players Make, When Culture to Play The Guitar

What are the ten mistakes people make when culture to play the guitar?

No 1. The first mistake that a lot of guitarists make, is they by no means learn the language of music. Learn the clarification, you must learn the clarification, the names of the clarification, and where they are all over the guitar, music is a language, and if you can’t communicate it to other people, you will have distress in the long run.

No 2. After you learn the names of the clarification, you must learn the scales, how clarification work together to make melodies, there are many scales, perhaps start with the blues scale (minor pentatonic), and work your way up, look at my other articles on scales.

No 3. Learn the chords, but not just the chords that come easily, like power chords, you want to learn all the minor and major chord shapes as a minimum, and how to play them all over the guitar, (check out my article about how chords are constructed).

No 4. Don’t let open strings ring out. You want to learn how to gently rest your fingers, and thumb on the strings you don’t want to play, so they don’t make noise.

No 5. If you are tiresome to play a melody, or solo, you generally want to make every note last right up until the next one. So practice very slowly, at holding each note for the full length of time, and get nearer, no disjointed, unless this is what you are aiming for.

No 6. Learn to play with other people, the radio, or a metronome, so you get used to playing by the side of to another person’s beat, and can stay in time with it.

No 7. Improvise. Learn the scales, especially minor, major, minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, and even tritonic, or the clarification in a chord, all the musical scheme, like harmony construction, (check out my article on constructing harmonies), and improvise.

No 8. Learn other peoples songs by all means, but try to write as many of your own as you can, because this is a skill which requires perhaps the most practice, as it will determine whether you ever succeed huge time in the music industry for your songs. If you are starting out in a band, by no means take the attitude that it doesn’t matter if you can’t play fantastic, it’s all about the feeling. This is right to some extent, but the thought is to make it look simple, when it really requires a lot of skill.

No 9. Learn from as many different sources as you can. Take lessons, find a excellent guitar teacher, or mentor, to learn from. Find things to learn that push you to play for longer periods of time, you have to delight in it to practice harder, and the better you get at it, the more you will want to play.

No 10. Exercise your fingers every day, for at smallest amount half an hour. Once you have learned all the scales, chords, and methods of improvising you reckon you need to know, (you haven’t, you can always get better), you must keep your fingers strong. Don’t get RSI though (repetitive strain injury). I teach free video guitar lessons online, and I also teach from my home in Hobart, Tasmania. If you live close to Lutana, give me a call on 0400968190.


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