4 simple Chords : Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners “Closing Time” by Semisonic

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  1. TheBartell says:

    what part of the beat do you switch to the next note?

  2. shotox21 says:

    Thanks a lot pal, helped me a lot.

  3. SamehhFx says:

    @kameroyluv someone’s not packing heat ;) 

  4. ThatBoyUNeed2Know says:

    So I just typed in acoustic guitar songs and this was the first video that came up so I clicked on it without reading the title… (I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years side note)
    So I started watching the video and said to myself, “hey this is also the chord progression to finishing time”.
    Read the title
    To all beginners, these ARE simple chords! You just gotta have have a right desire to want to learn. I remember the D chord was my “impracticable” chord when I first started culture XD

  5. Decadence7467 says:

    these chords are simple you just need to take the time to practice them. u will get them down as time goes by

  6. njpanyca says:

    just started playing and ordered your free lessons. about to start my first one!! i’m mad excited!!! thanks for taking time to teach me!!!

  7. Rubiredsillie says:


    I can relate haha I’m so frustrated’!

    I barely got the strumming and the g cord down.

  8. HeckYeahIComment says:

    @Shaloobee01 So did I =D

  9. anaya0697 says:

    Do you give lessons on the guitar for beginners in person ?

  10. MrSmokeyMoe says:


  11. blackhorse099 says:

    the problem for me is not figuring out how to do the chords, it’s not being able to frEAKIN switch the motherfucking chords without taking like 20 minutes!!!! and i’ve been practicing it for hours and days and i still can’t switch chords even close to quickly!! -___- annoyed with self. NICE lesson though, this is fantastic!

  12. Shaloobee01 says:

    @Skylinespwnzor I learned how to do that when I was 8 :D

  13. Skylinespwnzor says:

    smoke on the water is simple

  14. LoVePaNdA821 says:

    @kameroyluv SAME just got my guitaar yesterday and it too huge!! haha but i like it!

  15. danbarbedo says:

    you get alot nearer from practice, dont worry, we all suck!

  16. oceancreaturelover says:

    i feel so slow i takes me like 2 minutes to switch cords will it get better with practice?

  17. rockinbogie says:

    yeah vagina

  18. eliasdude1 says:

    you just need to check out justin sandercoes BASIC FINGER WORKOUT… u can find it on justinguitardotcom on stage 3 in the beg. course :)

  19. Tenma96 says:

    @kameroyluv Haha, I thought my fingers were small when I couldn’t stretch them for the chords… but it’s just a matter of practice; as you play more, your fingers get used to stretching [:

  20. Tenma96 says:

    @tdipXsnp You just need to practice more.. as your fingers get used to playing, they’ll automatically make the chords right. It just takes time… and patience (:
    BTW, I had the same problem before XD

  21. TheMrFavourite says:

    Nice Favourited

  22. devilstix411 says:

    how come i did not get that eBook???

  23. tdipXsnp says:

    I really need help… i quite literally just picked up my acoustic guitar today and started to play.. but i had lessons a long time ago, but forgot most of what i learned, but i’m having a lot of distress with my pinky and ring fiddle with.. it seems when ever i try to press a string with them ,it only mutes it.. it wont really play the chord.. i have to press REALLY hard in order for it to play the chord, and it really hurts :[..can someone clarify this to me?

  24. verifymyageful says:

    @Holycrap27 lol

  25. efnarios says:


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