4 Simple Chords – Guitar Lessons – The Kinks – Lola – How to Play Easy Beginner Songs Acoustic

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  1. squigglzzz59 says:

    You sound like jonah hill. 

  2. AbsoluteMonarchist says:

    Beatles are fags. John Lennon was a fag. Anyone who likes the Beatles is a fag. Faggot shit.

  3. HuntertheHacker says:

    Like the shirt

  4. chrish3901 says:

    Fantastic Vids Marty , thank you for putting in the time to show everyone your vids , Ive leardned everything from you in the past 3-4 days ive been practisin . I have come on by the side of way thanks again

  5. bosslydaemon2240 says:

    Marty. You are the best, dude. Pleeeease keep these tutorials going

  6. Jtheory7 says:

    That’s a fun song!

  7. Zsolto66 says:

    @LovesGeorgeHarrison Your lil sis has some excellent tastes, man. She could be asking for Britney Spears, lol.

  8. Jkaneshige says:

    Mannnn Marty… you are the BEST for us rooks. Thanks. I’ll sign up soon.

  9. 321hug says:

    Best tutor on youtube!!!

  10. Trich1212 says:

    like the weird al yoda reference at the end

  11. angelabagel says:

    I looooove your shirt <3

  12. LovesGeorgeHarrison says:

    First of all fantastic t-shirt! :) Second thanx for the video, my younger sister is always saying “Can you play lola?” Now I can finally say “YEAH I CAN!” XD

  13. Contentibus says:

    That’s brilliant - thank-you :)

  14. 85248jeff says:

    Thank you Marty….I’m a beginner and I’m tiresome to learn chords and this is a fantastic song for practicing. YOU make me want to learn. thanks!!!!!

  15. ItsGettingBetter1 says:

    Incredible t shirt

  16. scorch621 says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh whats up you guys!

  17. Brownsfan675 says:

    loved it! i’m a beginner and i’m already playing it awesome

  18. overloadeduk says:

    Marty you are an incredible teacher, lay it out simple so an idiot as i can know. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks.

  19. Fotionx025 says:

    Marty I like your stuff man!! But I really reckon your on the 9th fret at 4:09 just so you know!

  20. 20coconuts says:

    awesome, and I have that shirt

  21. leejoeellis says:

    Thanks marty id learned this from a book and i couldnt map out the bridge you make the guitar so much simpler for me thanks man

  22. tool6911 says:

    This a fantastic lesson ! I’m more advanced than it but mad props to your teaching skills :)

  23. TheOrigionalArroyo says:

    @albino6021 and so is Lola!

  24. neytah says:

    What a lovely shirt

  25. MrMistaification says:

    would be really help full if u wrote the strumming try out down.

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