7 year old Mini Band guitarist Zoe plays Sweet Child O Mine by Gun’ ‘N Roses

Zoe at aged 7 playing Sweet Child Of Mine. Zoe now plays in The Mini Band, who have become an internet sensation after their video of Metallica’s Enter Sandman went viral. Zoe and her band have a Facebook page here www.facebook.com Check out their 1st original song here! youtu.be Zoe is taught at www.letsplayrock.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. glennboy1000 says:

    oh small girl you make me feel envy to you…

  2. DrowningInBloodRed says:

    How ever you look at it it’s adorable and awsome

  3. jchillen says:

    thats the coolest thing

  4. MujahidGodstruth says:

    6, 7, 8, 9… Cuteeeeeee !

  5. suparosc02 says:

    it can be better but she’s soooooo childish…..man this girl gonna be well-known some day……..

  6. MujahidGodstruth says:

    Baby Cuteeeeeee !

  7. jombrut says:

    wait till you see north Korean’s kids play guitar

  8. chimchompa4u says:

    still being way better than justin bieber or one direction TOTALLY THIS GIRL IS AWESOME

  9. Krospoc says:

    :) ) very very excellent kid go on ;) :)) Slash in a small girl translation:D:))

  10. TkrakenT says:

    one year later practicing whit her uncle chuck norris now she play like this
    really incredible

  11. Zainovsky says:


  12. 1sngwrtr says:

    I teach kids guitar and have taught hundreds of kids how to play and I can say without doubt that this girl has some SERIOUS natural abilities/talent for guitar and has practiced a lot as well! Very rare. Very well done childish lady I am quite impressed with your abilities and keep up the hard work. You sound awesome!

  13. MadSkillz1297 says:

    wow ths girl is a better guitarist than me by a mile

  14. Matti664 says:

    Thanks man :P

  15. epiaef says:

    oohhhh so cute small rocker

  16. BrianMcKenna2 says:

    It’s simpler for people with small arms and smaller hands. It’s how I was taught. Seems weird, but it really helps a small.

  17. Matti664 says:

    Why she is picking in neck ? ;o

  18. 1ilytara says:

    *throws guitar down*

  19. PutoYo5 says:

    Thank you god I was thinking that our future are reggeton

  20. AssassinForHyre says:


  21. kokoshinful says:


  22. laurenjohnston11 says:

    Incredible!! I am 16 and i look pathetic if i even pick up a guitar, you go girly!!

  23. amberandkatie mckerlieandstart says:

    aaaaawwww soooo cute and incredible

  24. hurtbr0k3n says:

    ARE u KIDDING ME !!! XD!

  25. nAtOoLFa says:

    yeahh . both are talented !

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