A New Way Of Learning Pentatonic Rock Blues Scales In All 5 Positions

A New Way Of Culture Pentatonic Rock Blues Scales In All 5 Positions

A New Way Of Culture Pentatonic Rock Blues Scales In All 5 Positions

I found Rick Washbrook and was immediately inspired by his guitar talent, musical acumen, and his contagious enthusiasm for the guitar.

I play in a band currently and have been a rhythm guitar player since I learned the basics of playing guitar when I was a kid.

I want to learn to play guitar. I mean really push myself and look deeper into becoming a guitar player that can play expressive guitar solos with confidence, and soul.  

Rick Washbrook most  of all has belief and vision for me to play solid guitar blues/rock solos. He teaches the concepts in the lessons, but the majority of the time he is really coaching me.  I find this unique with Rick Washbrook compared to other guitar teachers I have studied from.  I can know the steps he is taking me through. He is a real music teacher.

All through the past year Rick Washbrook helped me decode and expand the
power of the pentatonic rock and blues scales ( through his unique chord shape method. I would translate these into my own compelling  guitar solos that I now play in my band, but also for myself.  


What I mean by decoding is that his chord shape method is based
on the three note triad chords.  From the three inversions of the major chord he got me to learn a traditional lick that is very identifiable for each of the 5 positions of the pentatonic rock and blues scales.

I have by no means seen his method before from another teacher, text or instruction video.

Now when I approach the guitar to play a solo I really
remember and know the right position to place my fingers on
the fretboard to unlock every pentatonic scale in every key!

After I learn that memorable traditional lick for each of the
5 positions, my ear hears where to go to find the right clarification
on the other strings.

Rick Washbrook also has passed on enumerable tricks and tips for
picking, bending clarification, and also unique fiddle with licks that have come from
the likes of Stevie Ray, Eric Clapton, BB King, Larry Carlton and
many more that then juice up a solo.

I am continually inspired by his immense generosity of teaching videos, his unending belief in my potential to be a solid lead singer,  and finally his effervescent spirit of joy for what the guitar can do. I am diminishing in like with my guitar all over again.

One thing you should know is that lessons with Rick Washbrook come with a
dedicated audience which is his pet feline!  She likes to rub your legs
when you are playing, and also likes to make sure you know that she policy
the roost. Several times I have left my padded guitar case open when I
arrive, only to find a few minutes later that she had made the surrounded by her
new bed!

By: John Swain  Oakville Ontario

A New Way Of Culture Pentatonic Rock Blues Scales In All 5 Positions

John Swain Lead and Rhythem guitarist for the Boomerang band. Soul and R&B..

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