A-Team – Ed Sheeran – Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo) With Strumming Pattern

learnguitarfasttips.com – An simple guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran with simple chords and strumming, no capo and no bar chords. Select from the links below for Tutorial Clarification, Free Beginner Guitar Lessons and a list of currently available Song Tutorials ——————————————————————————- GUITAR TUTORIAL NOTES – A-Team by Ed Sheeran: learnguitarfasttips.com ——————————————————————————- FREE BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS: learnguitarfasttips.com SONG TUTORIALS LIST: learnguitarfasttips.com

The rhythm is the hard bit of this song and the D and U’s in the boxes are right! Cuz i get it incorrect in the video sometimes…oops
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  1. 615sarah says:

    i absolutely lovee this song and ed sheeran. and now i get to play itttt. thanks :)

  2. fien898 says:

    Can you play songs of one direction pleas?

  3. gerry1506 says:

    As a beginner ive found this tutorial very excellent and extremely well done Much appriecated Thanks

  4. Learnguitarfasttips says:

    @weeksy293 haha, not yet but maybe in future :)

  5. weeksy293 says:

    do you do any of ed sheerans fiddle with picking songs by any chance?:)

  6. KrazyKieran49 says:

    Where’d you place the capo (Trollface) -_-

  7. JasonHWXM says:

    Excellent lesson for wonderwall you made it simple. Excellent that you place the D and Ups in the boxes.

  8. 1ruddle says:

    dude will u teach me how to play faith by george micheal?! with the chords AND the rhythm as u did for this one??

  9. slimsean says:

    I am so jealous of all y’all being able to play this. Excellent job though

  10. DrunkenPandaGuy says:

    Can you still play without the capo

  11. Goldie6434 says:

    You do Biology? Cool

    Yes I paused the video and tried to work out the homework subject.

    You’re cute so I thought Id acumen you, but Physics is my science :(

  12. DynamicGamings says:


  13. sunbrana says:

    haha why the heck would anyone do that thats lyk sweet crazy lol

  14. 4u250ut says:

    I once place a capo on my nipples it hurts like hell.

  15. sunbrana says:

    yeah i gathered lol surprisingly i was getting the hang of playing it just still a bit rusty but were getting there lol

  16. LaHartSCS52 says:

    Oh my god…. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!…..

  17. LaHartSCS52 says:

    Oh my god…. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!…..

  18. picolodaemao says:

    This song is very hard because of strumming. Is hard to sing and keep up for us beguinners.

  19. sunbrana says:

    its excellent i already know how to play the chords but still find the strumming try out hard to get right urgh so annoying but everyone’s got to start somewhere lol

  20. benjiundcliff says:

    @TheDomeniiNebunie sure, you can place it anywhre, it just depends on the hight of your voice, so if you have a deeper voice, its no problem to play without.

  21. TheDomeniiNebunie says:

    Hi, sorry if this is a noob question, this is literally the first song I’m culture to play! Can I play this without a capo? You said I could place one anywhere, but can i just leave it off entirely? I don’t have one haha. Thanks, x

  22. alexwatts12 says:

    Yo Kool xx

  23. EZIO367 says:

    sexy girl……….!!!!!!!!!!…………..

  24. ash07grad says:

    Can you do a video on how to play the rest of the song?

  25. ash07grad says:

    @SATH1100 On D sus 4 you don’t strum the 6th or 5th string. On A7 sus 4 you don’t strum the 6th string. The other two cords you strum all the strings. 

  26. mrhighpantz says:

    Thank you sooo much I can now play this and impress my friends. Thanks again and by the way your accent is awesome.

  27. SATH1100 says:

    You should say which string to start struming

  28. SATH1100 says:


  29. TheLutzen says:


  30. treveralfonso1 says:

    This was really helpful! i justtt started playing guitar two days ago and i can do this fantastic because of your help! and gorgeous girl with a fantastic accent!

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