Aces High one-armed bass cover with solo

Iron Maiden’s Aces High. It’s been years since I covered a Maiden song so I thought it was about time! I tried some new things out in this video – I tried to learn the guitar solos as they’re played rather than improvise them. I also tried a small bit of tapping. Not simple with one hand! Let me know what you reckon of these things. Apologies about the light in the social class. I don’t know why it was so bright. I closed my curtains and place more light around me to try and compensate. If you’re interested in seeing how to play the solo on a bass, check out my other video “How to play the Aces High solo on bass” which I posted as a video response. Follow me on Twitter! If you like, that is: Update – Honours for this video! #23 – Top Rated (Today) – Music – United Kingdom (24/08/10) – #9 – Top Rated (Today) – Music – United Kingdom (25/08/10) – #7 – Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Russia (25/08/10) – #64 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music – United Kingdom (25/08/10) – #89 – Top Favourited (Today) – Music – United Kingdom (25/08/10) #45 – Top Rated (Week of 23/08/10) – Music – UK #85 – Most Viewed (Week of 23/08/10) – Music – Russia Thanks everybody!
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  1. PrimalQyon says:

    I don’t reckon you like getting a head start because of your arm, but I must say, I’m impressed.

  2. RejectedSaint1 says:

    I can’t even play this with both arms. you’re my Frickin hero

  3. romeonaron11 says:

    MY eyes have been officially trolled o_0

  4. romeonaron11 says:


  5. benyabw says:

    me quito el sombrero

  6. mra199 says:

    Congratulations you’re a huge idol =D (y)

  7. ebasss says:

    Yeah, this is insane talent on a bass. What the heck? Dude doesn’t have plucking fingers and owns Aces High. He’s playing bass lines with crazy embellishments not even in the song and the guitar solo’s. I mean WTF? Keep playing that Jbass dude. You’re killin man!

  8. wbmnky88 says:

    From one bass player to another, you nailed it! A very tough song played better than most other musicians!

  9. BassNose says:

    you sir have my respect.
    you are an model

  10. bdavis1218 says:

    This is one of the most incredible things I have watched. Nothing but the utmost respect man. Incredible work.

  11. basswarrior says:

    dude, what you want me to say…. what can we possible say ? .. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME … and you know it. GREAT JOB MY METAL BROTHER =) !!

  12. MacStinglc says:

    im like wtf? dude… solo? wtf like… wtf?… u r fucking incredible!

  13. xbobbyx100 says:

    You are mentally retarded if you dislike this.. Pathetic people.

  14. GeraSimHapp says:

    Rock on!

  15. corey666x says:


  16. HukaTV says:

    is it hard to do the steve harris gallop without fingers?

  17. pariskotsaros says:

    O_O fucking awesome!!

  18. HukaTV says:

    SUBSCRIBED this is really incredible and inpiring!

  19. noelledosanjos says:

    I’m you fan! *.* Greetings from Brasil! Stay heavy man =D

  20. papadoc2901 says:

    total respect mate:)

  21. TheBassGangster says:

    dude… awesome :)

  22. HeckenSchutze67 says:

    Парень ну просто
    ну вообще

  23. VirealOlolo says:


  24. ZorgTheWarrior says:

    Крутой чувак

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