Acoustic Guitar Learn to Play

Acoustic Guitar Learn to Play

Article by Susanne

How many times have your kids questioned you to buy them a musical instrument, you spend your hard earned cash and then what happens.

They practise for a couple of months, the noise is dreadful and you are spending a fortune on headache pills.

They then get mad and frustrated, and the instrument get’s place in the confront, by no means to be picked up again.

You then feel as if you have wasted time and money.

You’re stressed because, yet again you have to pick up the pieces, and build up your child’s confidence.

They feel they have failed, and they feel disappointed with themselves (does this sound familiar).

We bought her a book; Acoustic Guitar Learn to play and she practised and practised for a few months, and then the inevitable happened the Acoustic guitar was place to one side and not used again.

We made the classic mistake; we didn’t question her “how do you want to learn to play the Acoustic guitar?”

We just bought the book; because it’s cheaper than a load of guitar lessons, and I must confess had already written the whole exercise off as a likely waste of money.

But if we’d dug a small deeper and questioned a few questions “How do you want to learn?”

a. Do you want a bookb. An Acoustic guitar teacherc. A videod. A training course

What pace would you like to learn?

a. Do you want a weekly lessons and then practice?b. Do you want to learn at your own pace any time anywhere?

How do you want to learn part 2?

a. Do you want to sit with someone once a week at the same time and learn how you play the guitar?b. Do you want to watch someone to see how they play the guitar and be able to replay it?c. Do you want a book so you can read through?d. Do you want just to take note to someone?e. Do you want a combination of watching listening and reading?

After a few months of the guitar sitting in the confront my daughter had the buzz again, and wanted desperately to start culture again. This time we questioned the questions.

My daughter wanted a combination where she could see, hear and read. If we had gone through this process in the first place, we would have saved time money and stress.

We would also have had a pleased child that found, the Acoustic Guitar Learn to play process enjoyable and fulfilling, not stressful, frustrating and disappointing.

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