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Hotel California seems to be one of those songs that forms the songbook for all beginner guitar players. This lesson introduces a new strumming technique so may be a bit hard if you’re just starting out. If this is the case for you, you can just follow the chords in the lesson and start with a strumming try out you already know. Once you’ve got that down then look to add the strumming as shown. Delight in, and Keep Playing!


  1. tjh32673 says:

    Marty, what is the small break down part at 3:52? That is really smooth.

  2. EverythingGaming10 says:

    Marty so nice and down 2 earth, apologises for not teaching us the whole chord, a truly fantastic guitar teacher.

  3. kn0wy0urenemy says:

    funky , groovy, ver nice!

  4. arion290 says:

    How about ” middle fiddle with on the root AND THEN YOU GO LIKE THIS” instead of ”nigger go like this” ? does it sound most likely? (excuse my capitals but it’s a way to emphasize the misheard words)

  5. ZAKARIA BZ says:


  6. Waves2Go says:

    awesome shirt and lesson

  7. ClearixGaimz says:


  8. hevechvy says:

    hey marty, like your vids. i plot to buy some of your instructional stuff. brent.

  9. andrwlr1 says:

    Very cool. Excellent sh*t, my brutha!

  10. jp1freak says:

    thnx very much…. .:B

  11. miguelinoz says:

    hahaha 8:49

  12. AmigoFiell says:

    you fucking racist… ok no

  13. MattSVK1 says:

    once again brilliant, thanks for your effort!

  14. manalexxxx says:

    check out fingerstyle guitar tabs @

  15. marcusunlimited says:

    Nice, what brand of guitar, make and model, it has a nice sound for this style which you play quite well.

  16. zeppelinzen1 says:

    E’ bellissimo vederti suonare,trasmetti una voglia incredibile di suonate questo strumento per l’eternità…Grazie!

  17. azwan1992 says:

    i like weird chords :D

  18. bassieeee7 says:

    I feel funky after watching this, i’m in the mood to play this all day long

  19. Adome29 says:

    i by no means feel complacent. thank you Marty.

  20. realhubbie92 says:

    you guy are awsome! thank you for teaching me so many things :-)

  21. europeanbamf says:

    What mixolydian scales do you play on the b7 and c7 chords (i.e. what position)?

  22. marcelhuberchello says:

    you are awsome marty i like your stuff ..

  23. Diyake says:

    8:47 cute…

  24. 1996Guitarkid says:

    5:22 what the fuck you say bout my momma?

  25. antonburger01 says:

    While practising this jam, I also found it sounds cool if one puts the index fiddle with on the 4th fret instead of the 5th on the “a” string in the second chord that he shows.

  26. pokemonstealer22 says:

    O my god thank u sooo much for this video bro< if it wasnt for this video, i would of had by no means learned hotel california, now my parents are super pleased, THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Bujincoren says:

    The chorus is really G D F#7 Bm G D Em F#

  28. aDikSayO2108 says:

    It really helps a lot .. Tnx bro … GODBLESS ^_^

  29. MaxTheCobra says:

    fantastic video, thank for this video,if i were you i would do a lot of video of well-known song

  30. 66shann says:

    bravo et merci pour les bons tuyaux !

  31. InigoMusic94 says:

    Thank you very much Barney Stinson! :D

  32. 09214tinpt says:

    amusing guy

  33. Deviseeeer says:

    Is the strumming try out DDUUD ( 2:16) ?

  34. Deviseeeer says:

    I know how to play chords but the strumming is kind of hard one.. Need more practise.

  35. swarupjoys says:

    oh!!! you didn’t miss anything take care bye

  36. TalkToTheBody says:

    aha i see :D I thought I was missing something ;)

  37. swarupjoys says:

    hi im talking about his guitar pickups on the wall

  38. TalkToTheBody says:

    what are you talking about?

  39. lee155912000 says:

    Should my thumb be hurting so much when I do bar chords?

  40. deeder001 says:

    It would be helpful to note the guitar is tuned-up from standard (EADGBE). If using standard tuning, use a capo on the first fret.

  41. fishfingerish says:

    I am fourteen and have been playing guitar for half my life. I can tell you that at the age of nine with fingers the size of toothpicks bar chords were hard and I took about half a year to master them, but seriously don’t fret ( forgive the pun )! If you are a devoted adult or child with enough drive, you will get it in the end.

  42. AsjaSmulders says:

    i can’t play bar chords. but, i’m tiresome everyday and now, after a couple of moths playing the guitar I’m starting to hear a excellent sound without it’s hurting!!! I’m so pleased. Now I have to learn it excellent and that it sounds excellent every time I try it, and I must be able to let it sound excellent when I switch quick. It felt sweet impracticable. But, just by no means give up.

  43. swarupjoys says:

    there all are hambucker pickups

  44. Kstylie420 says:

    The best way to relate barre chords to the rhythm is always remember 1 &2&3&4 on the 1,2,3,4 are all down strokes and the &s are up strokes, when you throw mutes in there and master that you can play this with ease.

  45. runbkk4560 says:

    Joe Hart???

  46. vvkrai7 says:

    2.32 if u remember to go DOWN UP all time..yaa

  47. vvkrai7 says:

    2.32 if u remember 2 go  DOWN UP all time…yaaaa

  48. Tsiknopempt says:

    finally learned how to play barre chords! too terrible it still takes like 5 seconds to really switch linking them…

  49. MikeDee6968 says:

    Thx fantastic job! Where you from?

  50. a068136 says:

    Thanks so much for your explanations… So simple to hear but so hard to do…. I’m tiresome to do it !
    I Like it !

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