Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Incubus – Drive simple song

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  1. bitski488 says:

    honestly man, 5 quick chords.. how much simpler does it get? no picking, no solos, just simple strumming. only thing that sucks is incubus’s chords are always a small different then usual. somewhat trippy chords which is awesome. it’s excellent to have different chord variations up your sleeve to spice up ur song playing

  2. broddegotshrooms says:


  3. gexxy47 says:

    thaanks man simple song!!

  4. Casey Berry says:

    its fine i can play it iwas just makin sure you werent making fun of him

  5. mvd626 says:

    dude do u really reckon this is a hard song , I just don’t see it , It took me all of five minutes to learn it

  6. mvd626 says:

    sorry dude , there are only six chords in the whole song well five because one repeats in the chorus , I mean it;s just not a hard song I can’t say it is if it isn’t right . There was a time when I would have thought this song was hard , so keep practicing and you’ll get there , Peace

  7. Casey Berry says:

    its the speed and the strumming and just because you played it simpler doesnt mean you have to point out the simplicity of it to someone whos playing with difficulties

  8. sebastiandecastro007 says:

    Thanks s lot! Helped me get my positioning and strumming better!

  9. mrbungs says:

    Simple to play, maybe. Simple to write? You do better…

  10. mvd626 says:

    thanks for the lesson Marty , your the man

  11. Chryose says:

    It is simple, it’s only like 5 chords over and over again

  12. TheKidFrankenstein says:

    marty schwartz, im drunk. i dont really like your face but your a excellent teacher, you should be on mahalo and bang that chick with the faux hawk! send me pics bro!

  13. belovednightmare says:

    If you would please do the song huge empty I would be most appreciative
    Much like for you homie keep jammin

  14. hondarider519 says:

    @1209bosun It is simple… What do u have baby fingers?

  15. mrdraconian666 says:

    Marty Can you do its SOLO ? It would be grateful if you do so.

  16. Buffalo Shultz says:

    simply song, but it’s excellent whenever.

  17. rheinxromer says:


  18. famonolo says:

    could make a lesson about
    really nice guitar song

  19. havick104 says:

    it says simple… it didn’t say not hard, because you cant go quick enough. If you watch and really try it is simple its just hard to play that quick… I can’t do it either.

  20. domciamjmj says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are the only one on YT who help me

  21. shortshrcets says:

    i know that but he should say the name of them as he goes not just in the begingning when he introduces them

  22. MBloop says:

    nice lesson, thank you !

    greetings from brazil

  23. Motownisyourtown says:

    5 chords mate.

  24. chris c says:

    the order he plays them in the video…

  25. vastopa says:

    thanks marty

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