Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me – What do you want from me – super easy beginner guitar lesson

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  1. eXploziv7 says:

    I very nearly did not know what he says but he taught me a lot

  2. Nick Kuiper says:

    Could you do a tutorial of ”Dave Matthews Band - Sattelite”

  3. NCD12345678913 says:


  4. Mightymouse71953 says:


  5. perthornalexandros says:

    yeah I’m worried that you’ve got a -2 transposition from the original :)

  6. Lor3nzito says:

    By no means thought I’d be able to play this and now I’m really getting the hang of it. Thanks!

  7. Mahaqqq says:

    you can run kid cudi 2012

  8. WizzCudd says:

    You can run-kid cudi

  9. hiddenKysell says:

    Is this the day – Hoobastank

  10. LoveIckyBoo says:

    Im not sticking it up at u though XD

  11. mad365man says:

    :) thx dude , was helpful

  12. RoxyOutback says:

    this helped ;o thanks id by no means played guitar before

  13. mkwarlock says:

    I’m watching this in 2011, so f you.

  14. HanaDestaryn says:

    he always say “heyyy watsup you guys”

  15. piromans666 says:

    Fantastic! Thanks so much man :P

  16. ilovetacos62 says:

    no im watching this in 200 b.c. on my istone 4 was so blown away by this video that i fell off my dinosaur

  17. stbellco says:

    Watching this over 10 times already!

  18. vickeSO1337 says:

    Fantastic tutorial! :D

  19. MrHenrikcasillus says:

    nice one..marty …i wanna make request of
    plateau acoustic translation of nirvana/meat puppets

  20. nioidai92 says:

    Like your vids ! hope i WIN!

  21. countrymann221 says:

    thank you so nuch marty, i can show my nephew who is in the hospital with leukemia. i promised him a song that he liked a lot and i found this on his small list. thanks so much man. God bless.

  22. kaxaux22 says:

    Thanks, that realy helped.

  23. joevwan says:

    Sweet excellent another person on YouTube that i learn from is bobby hard for all of you that need help

  24. mndyled says:

    i didn’t know anything about guitar before watching your videos i still have alot to learn but practice on your videos every day thank you so much 

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