Allman Brothers – Jessica – How to play on guitar – gibson les paul check out my awesome blues lessons here!!
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  1. sLiP666kNoT711 says:

    you are epic at guitar man, also you look remarkably like bam margera :D :D

  2. T3hAsauce says:

    Thumbs up if you’re having a Marty guitar video culture marathon. :D

  3. Pistola8 says:

    excellent stuff man 

  4. Lucas98Denny says:

    Thanks for the video! Every time i watch Top Gear im gonna run to my guitar and play to the song! :D

  5. ajw21500 says:


  6. shadowperson711 says:


  7. MaxTheBest97 says:

    Tonight on Top Gear… Marty teach us how to play guitar…

  8. 313WillB says:

    some say he is the best guitar teacher around..but all we know is..he’s called marty schwartz

  9. TheCampersLazy says:

    im watchin that episode right now

  10. alvaedison20 says:

    i like topgear man

  11. 1992Original says:

    Top Gear! haha

  12. guitarmaster827 says:

    thumbs up if you want marty to teach 7:43-7:47

  13. kimo5993 says:

    dude you are gooood :)

  14. erasethegrey78 says:

    Tonight on Top Gear, I wear a hat, richard wears a hat, and james wears a hat…”

  15. mrstikitupurcndyass says:


  16. chriscobits says:

    It certainly is nice to find a lesson that is not only accurate, but well recorded, structured and presented. Very nice and much appreciated.

  17. yorkie85004 says:

    what looper pedal are you using

  18. mkunanoumoussk8r says:

    same haha!!

  19. SexyheksieAMM says:

    haha indeed i had the same thing, am gonna try tonight

  20. TallGuyWithGlasses says:

    After hearing Slash play this I came straight to Marty!

  21. jonnylfc100 says:

    slashs translation on top gear was amazin

  22. meeeeeeo says:

    could do with some fleetwood mac songs marty please .with you i can learn three songs a day,just so simple the way you clarify it,cheers

  23. philliesfan01100 says:

    were do you get the backing tracks? 

  24. PokeMan995 says:


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