Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Am I Too Ancient To Learn Guitar?

Article by Paul Gian

You’ve chose to take a new direction in your life. And it’s a nice one — you want to be the next Pete Townsend. But most people who take note to guitar music anymore don’t even know who that is. Their thought of guitar playing is picking up a copy of Guitar Hero and playing the newest Avenged Sevenfold song.

Before we start, let me tell you a tale. Two guys in my area were talking about doing Tae Kwon Do. One said “I’m too ancient for this.” while the other one was training 5 days a week to test for black belt. The man who said he was too ancient was 29 years ancient. The man who was doing it was 32. What was the difference? “Too ancient” didn’t exist in the mind of the 32-year ancient as he smashed a brick with his hands and handled 2-on-1 sparring. What does this have to do with guitar playing? Guitar playing, like Tae Kwon Do, is a passion.

Age is a factor in culture new things, but it is well shadowed by this passion. If you’re dedicated enough to culture to play the axe, then why not? Look at how ancient the Rolling Stones are and they’re still touring. The first thing you should do is look for community music shops and try to get your equipment explaining your budget and goals.

Next, look into culture how to play it. Hands on lessons are the best way to do it, but there’s no reason you can’t be self-taught. If you can’t afford it, look into books, DVD’s, online guides or even visit web sites that have quick tutorials, and then start playing. What happens if you make a mistake? Well, no one’s perfect. Don’t say “Well, I’m ancient so my fingers will slip”. No, that’s not necessarily the case. Everyone makes mistakes like this ahead of schedule on. Just keep at it. Eventually you will get better at it, and while you may not be able to belt out 300BPM speed metal with the best of them, you can entertain a whole crowd of people with your consummate skills!

Age is just a state of mind. If it’s your desire to play guitar for once in your life, there’s nothing that can stop you. Playing guitar, even at 50, 60 or older, is attainable. Just remember that it’s mind over matter, and the next time a kid playing Guitar Hero calls you ancient, just pull out the guitar and play the song he’s pretending to. That’ll show him who’s boss.

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