An Introduction to Playing the Guitar

An Introduction to Playing the Guitar

Article by Tom Enhausen

The modern generation youth are growing up in an environment comprising healthy doses of pop and metal music. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that more and more kids are starting to learn how to play the guitar. These youngsters are interested in not just emulating the leading pop stars. They want to make a special niche for themselves and want to shine more than other musicians. Thanks to the internet, there has been an explosion in the music scene with more and more guitarists making their presence felt in the online planet. A healthy percentage of today’s youth are interested in culture to play the guitar.

Keeping these things in mind, there are many websites that are dedicated to teaching newbies how to play guitar. This apart, there are many self help books also available, that can help you to learn more about playing the guitar. It is recommended that you first equip yourself with a decent guitar before you proceed ahead any more. If any friend of yours also plays the guitar, request him or her to lend the same to you for a few days. Not all those who are interested in paying the guitar end up playing the same.

Quite a few of them leave it halfway through because they find out that playing the guitar is not as simple as it seems. When one watches their pet pop stars playing the guitar, they judge that playing the guitar is quite simple and that they too can achieve the same in just a few days. It is only when they try to learn how to play guitar do they find out that it is not so simple after all. But, in case you have been able to pick up the initial lessons and are able to strum a few musical clarification on the borrowed guitar, it is high time that you bought one.

It is better to choose a guitar which you are comfortable with. Do not go in for well-known brand names initially. The guitar you hold should not weight too much and you should be able to play all the scales without extending your arms too much. Take special note of the guitar strings that you use. Apart from the books available on the net, there are some sites that provide you with lessons that help you to learn how to play guitar. There are several `learn at home’ videos also available and by watching them and playing by the side of with them, you can pick up the rudiments of playing the guitar quite easily.

Do not get disheartened if you are not able to play correctly all through your initial attempts. You should not forget that the guitar is one of the most versatile of music instruments and by culture the same you can use it to play various types of music including jazz, rock, people, folk, and much more. As is the case with any other musical instrument… you need loads of patience to learn how to play guitar. The efforts will pay off rich dividends once you finally master the art of playing the guitar… the most well loved and portable musical instrument.

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