Arctic Monkeys – ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lessons

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This video shows you how to play a funky blues rhythm guitar in the style of Steve Cropper from Booker T. and the MG’s – To download the MP3 jam tracks for this lesson to play by the side of with visit


  1. JHayesAVFC says:

    Gorgeous tele marty

  2. martin290793 says:

    no entiendo ni la mitad de lo que hablas pero muy buen video, sin entender bien el ingles entendi con ver i oir.. =) gracias

  3. Vodoobaby879 says:

    yeah it is same thing

  4. geniusone44 says:

    Please video of arctic monkeys and the strokes>>>> :(

  5. achmedda3rd says:

    go to ultimate guitar for that- its a sweet accurate tab

  6. jwahh says:

    everybody: BUY A TELE.

  7. Guitardreams182 says:

    tune your guitar

  8. itr0863 says:

    4:30. i like putting my fiddle with on the g-string

  9. EmilioCampari says:

    Marty Bum !

  10. starwarsnerd173 says:

    is it the same on acoustic????????

  11. Mrmendoza2594 says:

    It’s sweet simple

  12. fuckwaffle97 says:

    i like how he went ‘frosty monkeys, yeah really cool band’ but sounded sarcastic as hell! :)  anyways like frosty monkeys and marty, fantastic lesson man!

  13. SpRoGeRzz says:


  14. andresreb100 says:

    yeahhhh ru mine

  15. alexjperkins57 says:


  16. mduka20 says:

    damn, that Tele looks and sounds sweet

  17. seanarctic11 says:

    Please do the hellcat spangled shalalala by frosty monkeys

  18. ViliPlayer says:


  19. emidiopt says:


  20. Fenrir880 says:

    Thank you so much. This was a fantastic help. You’re an awesome teacher!

  21. FlyStyleFree says:

     ele afina difernete?

  22. vinnieIbz says:

    Please check out our alternative cover of soul to squeeze which is on our channel it would mean so much to us as childish and aspiring musicians, if you like it please subscribe because once we have received a reasonable amount of subscribers we will be releasing more covers as a full band with our drummer

  23. Mychemicalmetallica says:

    dude you’re incredible!you taught us MANY things dude!from scales to songs!!really appreciated!YOU’RE AWESOME!

  24. mattmacdonald18 says:

    where the hell is my Ebook iv signed up twice, and yeh you should really do mardy bum

  25. spoonermate says:


  26. 1958kathryn1 says:


  27. gojirametallica says:

    try spell check too

  28. donottawaguitar says:

    fantastic vid bro

  29. turockandar says:

    Hum I have been playing guitar for ages and I by no means thought of the analogy linking the horn section and funk chords syncopated…thanks:)

  30. NexusCapital says:

    I like that this comment was a year ago and this video has hundreds of thousands of hits and more. lol keep it up your teaching me everything I know man.

  31. appetitefordynamite says:

    your a fantastic teacher. thanks alot!

  32. getsomegetsomenow says:

    Thanks for the video

  33. MadSpectro7 says:

    Semi-hollows are excellent for jazz-funk too.

  34. charlieisamonster says:

    Nice lesson.
    Thanks and well done.

  35. fransfamous says:

    I sorry did I hear you say steve crooper started R & B??????

  36. thewolfe54 says:

    You make it fun to learn, I have taught myself to play and you place it right to the point, very understandable and not hung up or repeating yourself. Watching your lessons and what I’ve learned it sounds like I’ve had years of practice. Ok I’ll stop tedious, in small thanks for what your doing it has made playing guitar so much more fun!!!!

  37. salazarich says:

    I played this way at church,

  38. iowacorn123 says:

    Goodness this is awesome to watch. I learned tremendously. The upstroke demo could be made longer. I like that part the best. Looking for guitar mixer for my tribute song to Amy winehouse. Run it. Song is titled You Count Me Out.

  39. spacedoginnebraska says:

    sweeeet axe, man…..

  40. CRAIGARRR says:

    No wonder why The Blues Brothers made it so huge.. how couldn’t they with that all star band! New Blues Brothers show coming to TV.. I hope they don’t butcher how I remember the movie!

  41. clarkewi says:

    Gorgeous sound. I like that axe.

  42. bgoodrick says:

    I… want… that… guitar… lol.

  43. ninigui says:

    Nice ES335!

  44. Powershowerable12324 says:

    steve crapper :)

  45. tiko135135 says:

    skills that kils :D 

  46. Modes9 says:

    Intervals and three note chords sound best in a lot of musical situations. As you say, you don’t conflict with the bass player. Also, you can melodically embellish intervals and three note chords but you can’t do it with most four note chords because all of your fingers are “tied-up”!

  47. swimweeman25 says:

    incredible!! So much talent!!


  48. Leto1988 says:

    If I didn’t see the video I would say that this voice belongs to Eric Forman ;)

  49. clarkewi says:

    Fantastic lesson. I by no means realized he only used the high strings. These guys were genius.

  50. hcbiukhciuweewbchiew says:

    i have that same guitar except mines from the 70′s its fantastic to play aint it

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