Back To December – Taylor Swift – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Tutorial with Chords

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  1. sodoii says:

    like your accent !!!

  2. MultiMediaMaggie says:

    whats the strumming try out?!

  3. Periwinkle511 says:

    Is this in standard tuning?? It doesnt sound the same for my guitar!! D:

  4. myteddylovemy says:

    this is nog simple :(

  5. TheHudaz09 says:

    he made us look at a bond paper>

  6. TheHudaz09 says:


  7. tatertotfurrKP says:

    F#m is such a bitch

  8. omfgoshyanii says:

    I’m so confused. I only got the intro part.

  9. MegaHeathaa says:

    XD all that jing. Yes I said it so its a real planet

  10. eienxxi says:


  11. milcahmae03 says:

    It will took me at smallest amount 2 hours to learn the intro :(

  12. milcahmae03 says:

    @riawagh maybe your fingernails are too long. try cutting them :)

  13. MIVEK1000 says:

    I can’t do bar chords aaaahhhhh stupid bar chords

  14. riawagh says:

    hey! help! umm the only problem with me is when i do a chord i keep sad the other strings??? what do i do???

  15. jurmi009 says:

    awesome cover…i learned this song too by ur video…thanks alot mate….:P

  16. KairuRyu777 says:

    for that F#m chord, do you really have to skip those 2 strings in the middle when you wanna play that particular chord? If so, what’s a excellent technique to effectively play that without sad those middle ones?

  17. gurllovehim says:

    i reckon you’re the best teacher ever for guitar tutorials :) thanx for making my life so much simpler ^^

  18. DanielleGuise1994 says:

    Thank you so much! the chords on-cover made it alot simpler to learn! :)

  19. SophieActress says:

    you are incredible , your the only on who will place pictures up on the cover and that helps so much !

  20. Rulebreaker1995 says:

    awesome this video was really helpful thanks

  21. Rulebreaker1995 says:

    awesome this video was really helpfull thanks

  22. mervinted says:


  23. LucyAliceTowers says:

    can you do a video for christina perri jar of hearts? can’t find a excellent tutorial for it anywhere! :)

  24. musiclover85674 says:

    i like that funky Bm!

  25. ChristyRocks97 says:

    OH MY GOD!

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