Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Chords Tips

Fantastic Beginner dvd’s at here are some fantastic tips for the beginners out there!!
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  1. beautifulbecky89 says:

    other than that, fantastic teacher. just couldnt end the video produce i got lost in the first 3 minutes.

  2. beautifulbecky89 says:

    wow so annoyed 2nd string down, i mean 5th string, then d string… I DONT KNOW THE STRINGS please stick with one way of saying them not switching them all around. beginners dont know that shit.

  3. EddyKicksAss says:

    Chord tips? All I want is to learn a few songs, to get laid.

  4. MeSoSwagger says:

    I sees Dory in the social class :3

  5. ronmcr14 says:

    i only knew the basic chords : 

  6. CooIsLOL says:

    @slippynut310too i myself find it easyer to use a thicker pick. Easer to controll and a better sound in most cases.but i reckon a thinner pick is better for stumming compared to licks. licks being single strings, Strumming meaning chords meaning a group of strings. :D

  7. slippynut310too says:

    I have a really beginners type of question which may seem really odd but I wonder about the widths of plastic picks. Aside from tone/sound preference and comfort (i.e. harder may help with control etc.) does it matter what width the player uses? In other words does it also represent the skill of the player too? Just wondering since I know next to nothing about guitar playing. Thanks!!

  8. jamesnidea says:

    @TheKDKamath damn… he does look like Rodrigo Borgia.

  9. jonnydc1 says:

    ha ‘no strings attached’ pun

  10. sirgreggins8824 says:

    are you sitting in front of nemo?

  11. Baysox39 says:

    close ups of fiddle with placements would also be helpful but by and large excellent vid

  12. neversaynever48 says:

    @Saxeras same problem man!!hahaha

  13. TheKDKamath says:

    Thumbs up if he luks a bit lyk Rodrigo Borgia from the Assassins Creed Series….:P

  14. vkaren15 says:

    I like your videos

  15. CHIKOTheAngelOfLife says:

    The guitar I’m practicing on is my ancient one from when I was 12, but I could by no means seem to throw it away. It’s ancient and needs new strings, tuneing, a capo and a pick; but I’ll use it as it is for now to learn the basic chords …
    … until I pluck up the courage to tell and question my parents about culture guitar again :P

  16. heiboo810 says:

    I like the fishes too

  17. Saxeras says:

    i always wished to play a guitar, and now i got one. but i m kinda disapointed… i have kinda small fingers so its hard for me to hit all the cords correctly… :S

  18. iIiSAMMYiIi1 says:

    Marty from what i gathered youre saying to place all my fingers on the second fret but every else it says differen…

  19. Dytrony says:

    i have an issue beacuase i know the chords i jus cant play them because of my nails but i always cut them off but they come back to qiuckly

  20. bajsnejtack9 says:

    question: if i have skinny but long fingers and very thin hands, is it hard for me to apply them wild enough to reach some of the chords? or i just place my hand in the incorrect way?? im having a very hard time now … :(

  21. Br4nd0nPlaysWoW says:

    @henrylee54 you’ll get used to it after about a week, it wont hurt so much anymore then

  22. henrylee54 says:

    I don’t know what my problem is, but my guitar just makes a thump sound when I try to do chords. it only makes a small sound (the incorrect sound) when I push so hard it becomes painful. plus 3 of my fingers can’t fit on 1 fret.

  23. xXNoodlesOfLoveXx says:

    you gotta place a lesson for what you played at the end that was awesome :) 

  24. dyutilov says:

    loved it! :) 

  25. Reann3ify says:


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