Beginner Guitar Questions

Beginner Guitar Questions

Hi everyone, in this article we will be going over the most common guitar question that beginner guitarist question.

What is the first thing I should learn on the guitar?

The first thing that any beginner guitar player should know is how to position their fingers. This is a critical part of playing guitar, because it can make playing and changing chord a lot simpler I will also help when culture how to play scales.

What gauge or size guitar strings should I use when first culture how to play guitar?

It is suggested that you start with a smaller gauge size and go up slowly. The reason this is suggested is because it will make it simpler for you to hold down the strings.

What thickness of guitar pick should I use?

Some people say that you should start with a thinner guitar pick at first. We recommend that you experiment with all different sizes and see what works best for you. There is not one that is right or incorrect.


Should I practice my guitar every day and for how long?

If your schedule permits it you should practice everyday. The reason this is recommended is because you will advance nearer. It is also recommended that you practice a minimum of 1 hour. This gives you plenty of time to do your warm up exercises, learn some material and have fun playing.

Should I learn to play lead or rhythm guitar first?

It is suggested that you learn how to play rhythm guitar first because it will help you get your chord patterns down, perfect timing and strengthen strumming hand. Once you learn these basics it will be simpler for you to switch over to lead guitar.

Can Guitar Hero teach me how to play guitar.

The small answer is no because it does not have a real guitar and you do not have to play real chords. But the game can teach you how to stay in time and rhythm patterns.

Should I buy an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

There is no right or incorrect answer. There are lots of things to consider when choosing your first guitar. In one of our previous articles we talked about pros and cons of both acoustic and electric guitar. But what it really comes down to is you should choose what ever guitar you feel most comfortable with.

What age is the best age to start culture to play guitar?

Most professional guitar teachers will tell you that your kid should be 8 and up to start taking guitar lessons. But in all reality there is no real age. There are kids right now that are 6 years ancient and they are rocking. Just look on

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