Beginning fingerstyle guitar : Learn Freight train 1 + tablature

Myemail : COPYRIGHT OWNERS NOTICE If you own the copyrights to the original material used in this video, and/or you judge that my arrangement/work would jeopardize future revenue from the original artist, please contact ME first so I can delete the video. Tablature link : Freight teach is a fantastic song to getting started with playing fingerstyle guitar. This lesson features 4 versions of this song and with each translation there will be some things added. This is the first translation (simple) and it starts from the really beginning. It features some fundemantal basics like alternate bass, independent fingers etc. and It is based on 4 simple chords in C. It’s split up in 8 parts and I’ve tried to clarify it step by step and in a slowed down way. Grade : Beginner Tablature can be found on : For the tabledit tablature of all versions just leave me an send by e-mail. This song is written by Elizabeth Cotten. Hope you’ll delight in!! Feel free to rate, answer or subscribe ; It’s much apreciated! akoestische gitaar les leçon de guitare acoustique akustische Gitarre Lektion violão aula lección de guitarra acústica lezione di chitarra acustica akustiske guitar lektion akustisk gitarr lektion If you’ve got questions or reckon some things can be better please leave a comment or send me an send by e-mail at : I provide these lessons and tabs for free and i don’t want any money for it. But if you like these lessons


  1. Stratozenfan says:

    Geweldige les haha! Ik ben hier totaal nieuw mee maar wil het graag goed kunnen….. gister een kaartje gekocht voor Tommy Emmanuel op 14 Januari! Dan wil ik eigenlijk les 4 wel vloeiend kunnen spelen… eens zien of dat haalbaar is!

  2. jethrow29 says:

    English is doubtless this guys second language. How many of you haters can say you don’t speak your “second language” very well?

  3. wildwestpoint says:

    hi, thanks for the fantastic lesson! What other songs do you recommend using this approach (alternate bass & melody) for me to practice on?

  4. BaBaBoeGaH says:

    Ik houd van duidelijk nederlandse accenten :D

  5. getupanddosomething says:

    I’m an experienced guitarist and guitar teacher who’s chose to pick up fingerstyle and I found this lesson very informative. Thanks for breaking the tune up, because my chops just aren’t ready for the full translation yet!

  6. inge12 says:

    Helps a bunch. Very clear explanations. I commend you on what looks like a lot of effort applied.

  7. Bulbuzor says:

    Why so much despise on accent? Peace out guys, like and unity (Y)

    Thanks for the lesson mate!

  8. NJBZX says:

    Wtf this the first song i learn with my guitar teacher..:)
    And i know how to play it already.

  9. CLAUSJUHH says:

    Which guitar do you have?

  10. LetTheLightFlow says:

    @Erondor Going!

  11. Erondor says:

    @LetTheLightFlow wtf! go get it, now!

  12. tiscoooooo says:

    een, twee, boom, vier lol

  13. LetTheLightFlow says:

    @Erondor I lost my dutch in the couch cushion

  14. Erondor says:

    @LetTheLightFlow let us hear your your dutch ok?

  15. LetTheLightFlow says:

    don’t forget that pink or he force count to tree.

  16. ZuurstofNL says:

    @Ich1NL Dat probleem had ik nou ook. Mooi eerst maar eens deze versie proberen, al die rare akkoorden die Tommy gebruikt maakt het niet makkelijker voor een beginner:D

  17. RexPearson1 says:

    Sweet Cool lesson here, Covers the theme quite well. Ive just made a bunch of detailed courses for beginners and advanced guitarists that you force be interested in. Check it out! want to know what you and anyone watching this video thinks. Its really free, and i mean TOTALLY

    RexPearson. com

  18. MsChickenballs says:

    nederlands ? 

  19. ryebrad says:

    Don’t you reckon it wod be

  20. isetyourfwendsonfire says:


  21. denplaza says:

    This song is hard to play for a beginner. Beginners can very nearly by no means use that G chord spreading your ring fiddle with and pinky so far apart.
    Nice explanation tho :)

  22. MikeyMac99 says:

    your accent kicks ass :)

  23. Ich1NL says:

    Bedankt. Ik zat een tijd naar de tommy emmanuel video te kijken. Maar ik kon er niet echt uit komen.

  24. spinolex says:

    Fantastic lesson, it really helped me a lot. Thank you very much. =) PS: When you click the link which brings you to the tabs navigate to picture 66.

  25. theinnocentbuffoon says:

    @Brynjulvify check out stephan grossman’s people blues dvd he teaches a simple translation as the first song. its a three dvd lesson and its a fantastic foundation for this kind of playing.

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