Blind Melon – No Rain – Guitar Lesson – How to play the Acoustic and Electric guitar parts

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In this blues rhythm guitar lesson (the 5th in the series) we are looking at dominant 7th chord grips all over the neck. The backing track is free on the web site! The whole series plus bonus lessons are available now on DVD – see the web site for details.Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .


  1. ASDFsdg1000 says:

    Sounds Like Jack Black when he sings

  2. HetfieldJames90 says:

    God bless you!

  3. meekslt5 says:

    get it right BEFORE U POST

  4. scarblack100 says:

    thank`s for the lesson`s because are very simple. gracias facilitas el aprendizaje de muchos de nosotros y hacer ver mas cerca el poder toder tocar diversas canciones. from queretaro mexico..

  5. kaypeeization says:

    im no Marty, but i strum it DDDUDUDUDUUDU…sounds excellent to me

  6. alenewage says:

    @TheALKStudios he has 10 i reckon, but he only uses 3 or 4, you can see a video on his channel where he shows his studio

  7. 85248jeff says:

    How do you make it sound like that? what is the set up on the amp? thanks

  8. TheALKStudios says:

    marty how many guitars do u really have?

  9. shing916 says:

    four people are blind, deaf, and clearly don’t know who God is ^^^^

  10. Ramennoodles626 says:

    5:40 A fellow wizard? :O

  11. BPSdman says:

    marty you kick ass at guitar.. but it hink you should stick with that and not sing as much.. sorry

  12. lock124 says:

    nice of you to get dressed up for this one : )

  13. OsamaDeadTerrorist says:

    @sosquaided Damn You don’t like this Song ??!!??

  14. grajem26 says:

    Is that a tequila shot on the amp!!! ha ha way to go marty!!! salud!!

  15. valano72 says:

    Marty, Im havin a hard time with the rhythm, can you post the u u d d thing????

  16. PhantomVideoMaster says:

    thumbs up if you just wanna skip to the electric part:D

  17. josedavidalvarado22 says:

    dude i dont know if your just like this or you’re doing it for the camera but this is so cool you’re the god of guitar teaching… for now :D

  18. kaiks88bonzo says:

    Is there a song that you HAVEN’T done marty?

  19. 360SamuelE says:

    now sunset in july

  20. AsaphProject says:

    Here we have a video with both Blind Melon and Marty together and the top rated comment is some childish rant about YouTube?? Come on people!

  21. 2011paradiddl3 says:

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack
    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

  22. 2011paradiddl3 says:

    copy and paste this link if you are against justin babier! Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

    Cold rain at the sunrise- Jack

  23. afro176 says:

    Thanks for the lesson, this song is awesome.

  24. guitarneverdies99 says:

    the three people who pressed dislike obviously have no sense of AWESOME! marty you rock!

  25. Rags228 says:

    Sweet video. Thanks for the lesson

  26. jankrohn says:

    if this ain’t a hell of a lesson,
    by no means let me into heaven

  27. didgeboy287 says:

    I reckon what’s helping me progress in this lesson is to retract where the 4ths and 5ths are from whatever position. If I’m in the D7 position for the F7 chord and I want to go to the 4th (Bb7) then I know I can jump to the nearby G7 position. Granted, you may not always want to make that transition, but it seems like a excellent start.

  28. absurdplanet says:

    Nice review for me–excellent to do it in F7–keeps us on our toes!

  29. Makksor says:

    You kinda look like Brian Eno! Fantastic lesson btw :)

  30. 7279616E says:

    Justin just transformed my blues rhythm guitar skills.

  31. Recovery82 says:

    Sometimes I reckon and wonder… How shit would I be at guitar if I didn’t come across Justin’s website?

  32. jessegoirn says:

    Where’s the mustache?


  33. just4mak says:

    u likr top 4, i like thick 3 ones :P 131xxx

  34. musicmatty67 says:

    Thanks again for a fantastic lesson !

  35. MrFireblade67 says:

    “F” ing brilliant. Cheers Justin. Also get the CAGED system thought now!!

  36. krisenbirgit says:

    Where can we find the backing track? I can’t find it on your website… Thanks for a fantastic lesson…

  37. TheDoobiesnatcher says:

    brilliant I have always loved 7th chords but by no means really known how to place them together.

  38. bartyblues says:

    the lesson BL-205 does not open on your website…

  39. TheKillerFabivs says:

    Always the best

  40. Hakan625 says:

    Sometimes when I’m not into a style that you are teaching in a video, I just watch the entire video anyway just to delight in the sight of your incredible teaching.

  41. LosLurvos says:

    The best teacher on the net. Now sponsored by Dutch gamers :)

  42. stringmanipulator says:

    fantastic lesson as always !!! thanks Justin

  43. absurdplanet says:

    Very nice–for me, just a review; but, loved the shuffle chords at the end.
    How soon we forget!
    Excellent job as always…

  44. YusseX says:

    Bro, I’m a guitar player for like more than 10 years, I’m 20 years ancient, and a lot of things that I’ve already known, I’ve seen them teached by you, and you do it soooooooooo excellent! I’m lucky enough that 2 of my brothers helped me and teached me a lot of really basic stuff when I was a small kid, and I know you’re fantastic ‘produce you’re somewhat like they are: just a VERY PATIENT, RELAXED, NICE GUY. :)

    Just THANK YOU, for wanting to help so many people in such a kind way full of like. U r gr8!!! :)

  45. xamtheone says:

    Monster lesson! THIS is what every guitarist should learn.

  46. 1robjohnson says:

    Awesome lesson Justin – thanks a million for sharing all these tips

  47. RAMBOvGnR says:

    @sologuitarman5000 Im sure he said he was from Tasmania

  48. masterofscotland says:

    Is it just me or do the first three chords sound like that songbmy Steppenwolf the pusher? If you slightly alter the 3rd one? You’ll know what I mean Justin but it could be a cool song/lesson to go by the side of with these chords.

  49. ProcolHarum1967 says:

    @Dennizzz119 He lives in England but is Australian.

  50. nice1centurion says:

    Justin how many hours a day do you practise?

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