Blues Guitar – Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Blind Blake – That’ll Never Happen

Visit my Amazon Pile Blues Guitar Lessons Review Lesson sales: Free Lesson Download Sign Up Now and get these Free Goodies: Complete Delta Blues Guitar Lesson Download, two MP3 Albums (Acoustic Blues Travellers and Blind Blake) and a mini-course of 7 streamed videos covering basic blues picking techniques. Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons with Jim Bruce. Includes complete blues guitar tabs. Blind Blake’s ragtime guitar technique was quick and very accurate. Students wanting to learn to play the blues in this fiddle with picking style have two hurdles to overcome. First of all, we need to make the tablature that accurately reflects his fiddle with positions and movements, and also ‘guess’ at some of the more obscure chord shapes. Secondly, when we’re pleased with the representation, we need to teach our fingers to play the piece at speed. Jim’s blues guitar lessons take care of both of these small obstacles. After spending many hours noting the smallest hint in Blake’s music, the resulting tablature is very nearly definitive. The slow-motion demonstrations featured throughout the lesson videos ensure a sure and enjoyable culture process. Learn how play the blues!
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  1. TheYamChannel says:

    this is played in standard tuning right? Fantastic lesson.

  2. Gardensandcabins says:

    I am such a flat picker.. I want to do this style soooo terrible… I will get it.. It will be MINE! lol..

  3. sherryazaz says:

    thanks a lot for the lesson. I plot to buy your lessons as soon as I can afford to.

  4. AlanHJames says:

    Soooo goood!!! Hard to connnect the right hand with the left hand on TAB. Maybe better to show the left hand in stead of the right hand. Maybe… ???

  5. MrSleepytg says:

    many thanks for the free guitar lessons i need them produce im broke. do you know delia by rev garry davis cheers

  6. MrSleepytg says:

    many thanks for the free guitar lessons i need them produce im broke. do you know delia by rev garry davis

  7. added23 says:

    @toanmorello2 i was thinking the same thing and figured out that if you tune a full step up you will be in the right tuning. so basically your low e string would be an f#, your a string is now b etc.

  8. 6princeofdarkness says:

    thanks alot man. really useful. ive been playing electric blues a while now but i just started playing acoustic and this is very usefull. whats the name of your dvd?

  9. oOIntheKnowOo says:


  10. oOIntheKnowOo says:

    been playing simple delta licks and 12 bar for about 15 years now,
    have dreamed of crossing the rag bridge for so long, gotten close
    as I play some john hurt and gary davis songs. Your video has
    taken me to the other side! thanks! I can now syncopate rags!

  11. IBG67 says:

    @Muskadash no, he didnt. i can assure you.

  12. bluesjunkie66 says:

    Hi, please send me 2 Blind Boy Fuller songs to Thanks.

  13. fretfun says:

    hi, i just downloaded this song lesson, thank you so much, am already diving into it. Looking forward to getting this down.
    thanks again, you are a excellent teacher!!!

  14. acoustictravellersl says:

    @fretfun Hi, Mac users can convert the windows media files (WMV) to Quicktime format with a free utility from the web called Flip4Mac.


  15. fretfun says:

    hi, thanks for the lessons, if I have a Macintosh computer, will the lessons play when I hold a single song?

  16. toanmorello2 says:

    capo on 2nd fret? did blind blake play with a capo? ..or alternate tuning? any confirmation would be helpful.

  17. dailyflossproduction says:

    you should set up your cool advertisement boxes so they don’t check the tablature.

  18. fromthenorthwest says:

    i like how you are able to just look straight into the camera the whole time, effortless!

  19. autinspare says:

    Like MrBillbroonzy I bought your CD for 12 Euros in 09 and am still effective through it. Fantastic work. Well clarified. Thanks!

  20. MrBillbroonzy says:

    Jim. Recently bought one of your instructional videos with 3 x songs plus a freebee (Key to the Highway) tablature and vocals. For the equivalent of three pints of Stella Artois at current Manchester city centre beer prices I have invested in a significant genre of the Blues. I have extended my knowledge of the acoustic guitar, and I have about 90 minutes tuition from one todays leading Bluesmen whenever I wish…………………….. ..Yeah!

  21. acoustictravellersl says:


    Yes – fascinating.. Years ago I used to play Lovin I crave, Jailhouse now,That’ll By no means Happen No More with thumb and fiddle with picks (for public routine), but tunes like West Coast Blues and Southern rag by no means worked. You just can’t roll those basses with enough control using a thumbpick. Gary Davis could do it, but he jumped rather than rolled the basses – you can’t jump the basses at the speed that Blake played. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? Thanks for your comment.


  22. Muskadash says:

    Nice! Although I reckon Blake used a thumbpick and fingerpicks.

  23. hottunasandwich says:

    excellent stuff you sound very nearly as excellent as the man himself !! or maybe incomparable really u just sound excellent like urself

  24. YouTuneRecords says:

    Some comments from guitarists who bought the Blind Blake guitar DVD….

    Hi Jim, I can only endorse the fantastic coments below …….. haven’t found any others that are so clear and concise ……

    Thank you Jim, I’ve been waiting for this kind of detailed ragtime tab for years….


    Bought and downloaded your lessons which I reckon are brilliant…..


    You’ve sold me on the DVD. I’m ordering it today!

  25. Mark9309 says:

    Thanks for the update Jim. Been wanting to lenr “Too Tight” for a minute.

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