Blues Guitar Chords

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  1. NotAHeroJustADad says:

    Marty, ur the effin $**T!!! Just sub’d.

  2. poelie010 says:

    thnx man Greetings Holland!

  3. serveTHEservants says:

    this guy rocks. NOT FOR BEGINNERS
    This is clearly a lesson for people who know what theyre doing but needs some help

  4. Fuelove1 says:

    possibly the best acoustic guitar lessons on the interwebz, ty!

  5. HeynesProductions says:


    You’re doubtless just a really terrible guitarplayer. Once you get better you’ll doubtless know more and more of what Marty’s tiresome to teach here. It’s helped me alot, thanks Marty!

  6. TheTrollhater says:

    @rastastajl Its the normal tuning fella 

  7. TheTrollhater says:

    Just found this video of yours fella.. excellent stuff.. took me years to learn what you show in a few minutes..Why was the web so long in comming.. Keep it up we can all still learn no matter what the age !

  8. rastastajl says:

    does i need to tune guitar other, or i can play with the normal E tuning ? :)

  9. dude70530 says:

    like bar here

  10. mindfreaks46 says:

    I reckon hes a terrible teacher tbh but i can c him being excellent to otger people

  11. CreativeMaxims says:

    It would be fantastic if you would teach us that riff, where you go up the neck on the Stevie Ray V model……..Thanks either way this is fantastic stuff!!!

  12. JRussoBuffaloNY says:

    La Chaim my man, fantastic lesson! Thank You

  13. johnpwnsyou says:

    how high are you when you make these videos marty?

  14. johnnyrocanrol says:

    Muy buen video…………….lástima que sólo esté en inglés.

  15. mrsage98 says:

    e-he-hey!!! wats up? guuuys

  16. MrDawnside says:

    I just like these lessons they are awesome and its so simple to learn when you been playing blues a much harder way, thanks so much for the lessons they are fantastic!!!!

  17. thomasharman14 says:

    Martys just wicked aint he!

  18. adaptiveagile says:

    @KrisWiggly – Honestly I’m still having a bitch of a time with it, but the isolation exercise was a paradigm shift so I could focus on discrete mvmts. I’ll want to arpeggiate, say, a C chord,& my wee brain casually says,” lift your #2 for the HO”… and there’s this hard to maneuver hand silence as if my hand is questioning this complex request. Low moment. For hours of fiddle with fun for the whole family: Try the 1 fiddle with salute with just the ring fiddle with–& no cheating by holding 1,2 and 4 with your T!

  19. KrisWiggly says:

    @adaptiveagile lol I would by no means stop supporting this guy hes fantastic. Ill do a search for it I’m sure Ill find it. I by no means though of looking up isolation exercises before so hopefully it’ll help me too.

  20. adaptiveagile says:

    @KrisWiggly – my ring fiddle with is equally as annoying. I find when I slow it down it starts to behave. Maybe that’s the key. Super annoying fiddle with that Ring. There’s an awesome video in Youtube land about a fiddle with isolation exercise that I reckon it helping me. I can direct you to it if ya want. But don’t abandon Marty. He’s the best.

  21. lenger1234 says:

    @KrisWiggly Duct tape.

  22. 411anatoliy says:

    Answer to this video… haha

  23. 411anatoliy says:

    @zoso652 haha

  24. ledzepp97 says:

    3:45 maybe Jimi Hendrix?

  25. KrisWiggly says:

    doing the trick on the E7. and my bastard ring fiddle with keeps curling down when my pinky comes down. I’m telling it not to, tiresome to force it not to, but the sonofabitch just won’t take note I’m about to chop it off! RAHHHH!!! awesome video marty. thanks BRAH!

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