Blues Guitar Lessons – Learn How To Play Blues Guitar – Doc Watson Style

Blues Guitar Lessons Review Lesson sales Free Lesson Download Sign Up Now and get these Free Goodies: Complete Delta Blues Lesson Download, two MP3 Albums (Acoustic Blues Travelers and Blind Blake) and a mini-course of 7 streamed videos covering basic blues picking techniques, from Chicago style blues guitar to the delta. Learn how to play acoustic blues guitar – Preview Jim’s Complete Course ‘ Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons’ This online blues guitar lesson featuring Deep River Blues by Doc Watson is the second in the series (maybe the last – we’ll see!) Anyone serious about culture how to play blues guitar should take a look at the Travis style of picking and incorporate it into their playing, even if they want to play the blues in a different style. Here, we take a look at those ‘fiddly bits’ that appear in Doc’s rendition of Deep River. These are the small things that suddenly appear and blow us away with their magic, such as double thumb beats and added syncopation with thumb combination strokes. It’s even more fascinating when you consider that Doc (like other fantastic masters such as Gary Davis, Broonzy,Hopkins) used just one fiddle with on his picking hand to achieve these results. I hope you delight in it – come back again! The full range of lessons available show how to play blues guitar in various styles, such as delta blues (Robert Johnson), Texas blues (Lightnin’ Hopkins
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  1. phage0tonic says:

    Very nice! Your explanations helped solve more than a few mysteries on Doc’s style for this tune…much obliged!

  2. mrjandksnow says:

    most incredible

  3. skkiittllezz says:

    nice one not a huge fan of blues i much prefer classical, but you sir are incredible makes me wanna jam out some blues

  4. acoustictravellersl says:

    @JackHarveyOi He who dares lives to fight another day on the long road with no turning.


  5. JackHarveyOi says:

    how dare you be so excellent

  6. acoustictravellersl says:

    @kettensaegenmoerder Hi, I reckon in that video I was using Martin light gage SP at that time. I used Mediums for a few months, but found it hard to bend the strings, as you said.


  7. acoustictravellersl says:

    @hewgbowner Yes, Doc is brilliant.

  8. hewgbowner says:

    Absolute brilliance

  9. kettensaegenmoerder says:

    Thank you very much for the fantastic lesson!
    I wonder which sting thickness you are using. I always have distress to get the right bending sound with my strings..

  10. acoustictravellersl says:

    @cjoey39 By no means got to see him – truly one of the greats!


  11. cjoey39 says:

    Hey Jim! Your playing is so awesome and incredibly excellent! I have seen Doc a couple times and Iove his music! Fantastic lesson man! Thanks!! Joey Vaughan “Planet Blues Attack”

  12. acoustictravellersl says:

    @thisisnotjustinhi Thanks for taking the time to comment – Jim

  13. thisisnotjustinhi says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  14. acoustictravellersl says:

    @MartinTimothy1 That’s fantastic – I’m really pleased that you find it useful. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Keep on pickin’

  15. MartinTimothy1 says:

    I have struggled with this piece for yrs and have finally made some headway, excellent playin’ Jim and thanks for the lesson :)

  16. TigerTian36 says:

    I myself being a connoisseur of the blues, can honestly say that you sir are very skill-full. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  17. rasfi1 says:

    i wish i was excellent as you, guitar is soo hard !!!

  18. DancePandaIsMad says:

    ur so cool man!!! ur a real musician!!

  19. funkking567 says:

    @acoustictravellersl thank you because i have by no means talked to a right blues man.

  20. funkking567 says:

    @acoustictravellersl your welcome.=) =)

  21. funkking567 says:

    @funkking567 your welcome

  22. acoustictravellersl says:

    @funkking567 Thank you

  23. funkking567 says:

    you are excellent man.

  24. SimonKentSmith says:

    Wish I could afford to buy your lessons. Support a fantastic musician, and learn to play this style. But I am a broke, musician.. I appreciate the free lessons you have online. I know with lots of practice, I’ll be able to do it, some day.

  25. xFrUiTySmoothie1 says:

    Wow! Man ur really excellent. How in the planet do play like that??

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