BrySi the Machinima Guy – Black Ops: I Hate Campers Song – INSANE QUICKSCOPES! by BrySi Click here to watch Call of Duty vs Halo Rap Battle by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Call of Duty: Black Ops: I Despise Campers Song – INSANE QUICKSCOPES! by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Dear Campers – We really don’t despise you. It’s just sometimes you frustrate us. To quote the song, “you make us wanna grizz all the time.” Please take a lesson from this song / montage and be a nicer player. You don’t have to sit in a confront the whole game. Download the MP3 here: The music in this video was made with my electric guitar and drums, like a boss. If you loved it, share it with your friends! The gameplay comes from my excellent friend You can peep his first montage if you loved this gameplay: The other architect in the song, KVG, is awesome and can be found here: SONGS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD GET THEM NOW AT : WWW.BRYSI.COM OR SEARCH FOR “BRYSI” ON ITUNES! DIRECTOR’S LINKS: DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - This video will show you: How to Rap How to Play Music How to quickscope in COD How to make Call of Duty: Black Ops Machinima – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Surrounded by Making a bet Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE
Video Rating: 4 / 5

China stars in the hit new Disney Channel show ANT Farm. This is her first music video for Explode. Check out my channel for more of her music. SUBSCRIBE! Follow me
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Tses06 says:

    i like halo out of battlefield and COD

  2. ranger0810 says:

    play halo you wont have to deal with laying down campers

  3. Noobanez says:

    That is why I play Halo. Less Fucking Campers

  4. haloreachboy29 says:

    i dont camp i tactical wait

  5. FR0STY0115 says:

    @PredatorKillsAlien yeah.

  6. CRBCadillacRockBox says:


  7. PredatorKillsAlien says:

    @FR0STY0115 I use both meanings to define it. I mean it’s one thing to be defending a point, but if there isn’t anything for you to defend, or you simply aren’t doing it if there is (like those guys who will sit semi-near a location they’re supposed to hold down), then you’re camping.

  8. MassiveAchievement says:

    997 people used to like the video then they took an arrow in the knee

  9. DanTheMan00700 says:

    halo : there’s a camper behind the wall
    MW3: there’s a camper behind the wall
    BF3: *boom* what wall ?

  10. UnlimitedTriForce says:

    campers, why i like mw3 less

  11. FR0STY0115 says:

    @PredatorKillsAlien Yeah,just depends on how you define camping i suppose,Like there is sitting in one spot camping,then there is saying in one general location camping .

  12. PredatorKillsAlien says:

    @FR0STY0115 Not disagreeing with you, but I wanted to point something out. In real life you wouldn’t be running around, but you also wouldn’t sit in a confront doing nothing. You’d be dead as soon as anyone found you. Unadorned and simple. There may only be either runners or campers in CoD, but in real life nobody does either.

  13. PredatorKillsAlien says:

    I don’t like CoD, at all, but I do find Blops amusing at times, especially in regards to killing campers. Really all you need is an LMG and Flak Jacket. On the majority of maps you can just walk past their claymore(s) and hose them down with lead.

  14. FR0STY0115 says:

    @Pimp777Purple How ancient are you twelve ? Seriously grow up.Im not a noob ive been playing cod for 3 years now,and I rarely “Camp”but let me tell you kid in real life you wouldnt be running and gunning.I just kind of sneak around with a silencer.sometimes I will rush,but if im defending ill kind of camp ill stake out a position and patroll it.Just some information to deal with campers THROW A SEMTEX or other form of grenade .

  15. Tr0oPeRx says:

    @geatmers ……

  16. LegacyFallen69 says:

    hey Brysi for MW3 fearwell, you should do eminem “when im gone”


    people need to stfu because if your saying campers are gay and can all die that most likely means u camp in a dark confront where nobody goes

  18. Pimp777Purple says:

    nobody knows if your excellent because you post other people videos

  19. Pimp777Purple says:

    your doubtless a camper noob

  20. FR0STY0115 says:

    @peepsmith3 cod 5 was the best because it was co4 WW2 style :)

  21. FR0STY0115 says:

    Its not called camping its called controlling the engagement :)

  22. DrewserScore says:

    Campers Suck

  23. geatmers says:

    @Tr0oPeRx real life

  24. XXundulat says:

    It’s insane hardscopes by BrySi

  25. MrJameshetfield666 says:

    @thespicehenry lightweight. STEADY AIM. marathon

  26. maatsstraat says:


  27. chulaymia1 says:

    i loved it

  28. saninlevelitachi says:

    Watch Zendaya’s new music video!!! Swag it Out /watch?v=kb9sjmA7RMA&list

  29. saninlevelitachi says:

    Watch Zendaya’s new music video!!! Swag it Out /watch?v=kb9sjmA7RMA&list

  30. jbfanjha858 says:

    incredible!!!! :)

  31. sapekinhaf7 says:

    amodepaixão (L’

  32. JoeySweetyBunns says:


  33. mjuliaandrade says:

    talentosa d++ grande futuro!

  34. Starnation89 says:

    she sing alsome

  35. laddysman2171 says:

    i like that video i would sing it to my girlfriend

  36. imy0url0v3lyp0ti0n says:

    @LiveForMusicC HAhaHA DYNOMITE

  37. larissabhjb says:

    nosso deus o jurado negão e muito horroroso meu deus, parece o filho do julius rsrs

  38. imy0url0v3lyp0ti0n says:

    I really like Chine she rawrs!

  39. MrKerem67 says:

    1:19 it´s amusing

  40. MrKerem67 says:

    1:16 It´s amusing…. xD

  41. MrKerem67 says:

    1:21 Amusing

  42. babycakez216 says:

    I like this video pleased late birthday

  43. TheFightDogs says:

    vet coool

  44. TheLinkFreak1011 says:

    she could try to sing break your heart

  45. TheLinkFreak1011 says:

    now i like this song even more

  46. MamaCampelo16 says:

    Meu Deus! Eu amo ela!

  47. nick1nick1nick100 says:

    Da singt meine tote oma besser =D

  48. delanceybaby says:

    She sings better than Taio Cruz.

  49. Clooncia says:

    I lovw this song !!!

  50. chuksman3 says:

    nice voice

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