Acoustic Guitars


The guitar has been around in one form or another for centuries, and the principals behind how it works have been in use forever. The term acoustic guitar is a retronym, because all guitars were acoustic. It wasn’t until the invention of the electric guitar that a distinction became necessary. Acoustic refers to a hollow-bodied [...]

Les Paul Guitars – What Makes Them Special?

The Gibson Les Paul guitar was conceived at the very beginning of electric guitar history and has held its place at the forefront of guitar technology ever since. The two key elements that make the Les Paul guitars special are the vision of Les Paul himself, an eminent guitarist and enthusiastic inventor and the fact [...]

A Closer Look At The Acoustic Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar As was mentioned in our article on the History of the Guitar, guitars have been around for centuries. The original guitars were Acoustic guitars, which altered in shape over several hundred years. Since you’ve already been given a timeline of the evolution of the guitar, in this article we’ll go into greater [...]

Shopping For Acoustic Guitars

Guitars are played expansively in all occasions, and are considered to be one of the very very ancient forms of music instrument. People learn it for leisure activity, interest, or various other reasons. Among the classical guitars, acoustic guitars are believed to be the contemporary lineage of the well known guitars. Acoustic guitars do not need [...]

A Look At The History Of The Electric Guitar

Electric Guitars The Electric guitar hasn’t been around nearly as long as the Acoustic and Classical guitars. In fact, the Electric guitar was made just 70 years ago (the 1930s) by Adolph Rickenbacker. Since that time, the Electric guitar has greatly evolved to the where it is today. In this article, we’ll go over the [...]

Shopping For Used Electric Guitar

Music lovers get attracted to music instruments customarily, but guitar is most preferred by many music lovers. Guitars are prominent from very very ancient times, and now with the addition of wonderful instruments like electric guitars it has also become a fantasy culture it. A new instrument to any fresher is not advisable as they lack [...]

The Evolution Of The Electric Guitar

References to the guitar more or less in its modern form date back to the 14th century. In its infancy it had four courses of double strings and a rounded body like a gourd or a pumpkin. Its mother would not recognize it today! Around the sixteenth century the guitar was a well loved musical [...]

How To Choose An Electric Guitar

For a music aficionado, the electric guitar is the instrument that offers the greatest thrill. Many classes offering courses in guitar playing have sprung up. Therefore purchasing the right electric guitar will help you to delight in your culture experience. Here are some simple to know tips that will enable you to make a right [...]

Buyers Guide To Electric Guitars

Live rock concerts were the rage in the 70′s and they are still the rage. The essence of rock music does not just lie with the lyrics it also lies with the electric guitar and the various sounds that it can produce. There are so many kids across the check who would give up anything [...]

How Gibson Guitars Are Made

The Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is one of their most loved guitars. Players of Gibson guitars often wonder how the fantastic Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is made. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is made much like their other models. To start with, the wood is chosen for the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird [...]