CCR – Bad Moon Rising – Easy Beginner Song – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. zietgeist911 says:

    i started playing a few months ago and youve been my teacher. appreciate it

  2. originalbasswarrior says:

    My no playin #@$ force even be able to play this.

  3. Wixon23 says:

    Your videos are helping me out a lot. I still cant play an F chord. I cant seem to get my fingers right on a lot of chords but Im still culture

  4. albearp says:

    hey marty, exellent lesson by no means realised this song could be so simple to learn,magic,keep on rockin’.;-)

  5. joejoedawg says:

    If i compared my guitar culture to school then I am in kindergarde…a very basic beginner…and your videos have taught me to strum and develope a small rythym…but I do have a question…how the heck do I keep my pick from slippin so much I have to stop because the tips of my fingers are barely holdin on…lol…HELP!!!!

  6. 2tumbo says:

    i by no means stop or turn down culture information from other guitarists

  7. yuta7468627 says:

    simple and fun, thanks!

  8. realanthon says:

    hats rock

  9. shedschick715 says:

    hay thanks

  10. Beeflybird says:

    Excellent stuff man. Thanks for your help

  11. whitestwash says:

    HELL ya! So stoked on this CCR ftw

  12. Belgikiki says:


  13. jay68581 says:

    I am really out playing alot of my friends thanks mart your a fantastic friend to have

  14. kamrankhan1uk says:

    The best teacher online and offline :D It’s like gettin one on one lesson from Marty in person. You rock mate n pls don’t give up on us (the ones who like your lessons but can’t afford to buy your CDs)

  15. 55MichaelE says:

    Do You Really Pick The 3 Comments Yourself !!!!! Excellent Lesson !!

  16. DreamOn150 says:

    Hey that’s awesome! Could you do up around the bend too?

  17. SingerSeeksBand says:

    I like how your outfit matches the social class of this video.

  18. jkozerski says:

    That is so darn simple, thanks

  19. abiyek says:

    Thanks for sharing your skills, greatly appreciated!!! -aK>

  20. Turtleeily says:

    Very excellent instruction for beginners. Thanks for your help

  21. lalala6751 says:

    @bluegrasssingingman Shut up and play…

  22. binky000 says:

    fantastic lessons, from Canada

  23. nick062495 says:

    Thanks that helped me alot I’ve been tiresome to learn that song forever. Your the best teacher on youtube I reckon.

  24. p2agua2 says:

    ME ! ME ! i WANT the DVDs!!

  25. sjrytube says:

    Brilliant! (AWinL frightened the bejeebers out of me to.. then I watched it again recently and… laughed..!!)

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