“Children of the Grave” Guitar Lesson, Tony Iommi’s solos with tab

Black Sabbath guitar lesson. How to play Tony Iommi’s guitar solos in the classic Black Sabbath track “Children of the Grave”. Includes both left and right channel solos, tab, backing track, and a detailed lick-by-lick breakdown Download TAB and backing track from www.didkovsky.com Lesson by Nick Didkovsky. Equipment used: 1967 Gibson SG Special Krank Distortus Maximus Line 6 Flextone II Thanks to Ian Roulat for playing drums on the backing track


  1. doctornerve says:

    @cparx Thanks! Pleased 11/11/11

  2. cparx says:

    WOW! Well done.

  3. stoopid2kidz says:

    @doctornerve please teach SABATH BLOODY SABBATH solo please

  4. stoopid2kidz says:

    @doctornerve u r one of the best solo teachers on youtube! please teach SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH, please!

  5. cx43666 says:

    badass , thanks man.

  6. beserker1912 says:

    When ya gonna let me cover some sabbath with you dude?

  7. batafuko86 says:

    man i play drums, but you do such an art by teaching so damn clearly everything, keep on playing, and please do “into the void” one of my favourite iommi´s riff!

  8. doctornerve says:

    @nightoftheshape Into the Void is on the to-do list, certainly. thanks

  9. nightoftheshape says:

    Please do ‘Into The Void’

  10. doctornerve says:

    @GodsRodoG92 link to tabs in opening credits

  11. GodsRodoG92 says:

    Ey man great tutorial and all but where are the tabs >.< ??

  12. eXecute451 says:

    Very excellent job!

  13. CONDESTAFF says:

    I have This Guitar xD

  14. ShredManFretShredder says:

    i listened to this for like.. 2 minutes and remembered how i played the solo =] thanks for the help =]

  15. doctornerve says:

    @lolbsb Hey man thanks a lot – comments like this mean a lot. Rock on

  16. lolbsb says:

    thank you for this i am a huge tony iommi fan this is life changing music for me ,culture this now solo is all i have left, from one kindred soul to another thank you brother

  17. sblopez08 says:

    que buena, very excellent, salud des de Argentina… Long Live Sabbath!!! m/

  18. danstortion says:

    That’s a gorgeous guitar!!! I bought a groundbreaking new SG 60′s Tribute, I just like it!! Fantastic video. Saluti dall’Italia.

  19. Spitfire995 says:

    oh man ive been tiresome to learn this for a while already. one of the best solo’s ever

  20. metallica78rock says:

    could you please please PLEASE do a LESSON on it where you clarify how to do it, produce you make it look too simple lol, loads of people would appreciate you making a lesson for this, thanks!

  21. andrew07170821 says:

    you re  fantastic

  22. andrew07170821 says:

    you re fucking fantastic

  23. andrew07170821 says:

    you re fuck*ing fantastic

  24. doctornerve says:

    @Rorschachxx1985 It’s a excellent heavy riff and sounds fine (to me) a minor third higher

  25. Rorschachxx1985 says:

    @doctornerve so i guess no, does it even sound excellent in standard tuning?

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