Chilla Frilla – You Rock Guitar Hands-On at CES 2010

While everyone was ooh and ahh’ing at the waterfall of 3D Televisions and E-book Readers at CES 2010, I was searching around to find some of the coolest and not as well loved brands and products. This upcoming “You Rock Guitar” really caught my eye. You can reckon of it as basically a regular Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar but with strings and the ability to work exactly as a real guitar. You can also hook it up to any music program (model: Garage Band or Logic) and be able to use it as a controller for ANY instrument! Check it out in my video demo, and be sure to Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 1happboy says:

    This looks like shit. Complete and utter shit.

  2. CankleBank says:

    you rock guitar dot com is where to buy this.

    It’s $219 right now.

    Go check out the specs! It’s incredible!

    Interfaces directly with Pro Tools and Cubase and more via USB!

  3. MrMarrhead says:

    Thanks! I appreciate culture from your mistake.

  4. Saijmoon says:

    were can i get one. GFIVE ME ONE.

  5. Ollazzz4Elite says:

    where can i buy one?

  6. SchwinSuthisuvann says:

    Hi Will Lewellyn !!!

  7. audiotrax2000 says:

    Would you trust ANY protester who’s wearing a suit like that and talks in that tone of voice?? Does he really promote himself with the name Chilla Frilla? The whole vibe is “I’m grubby – just keep walking away”. Marketing fail!

  8. audiotrax2000 says:

    Would you trust ANY protester who’s wearing a suit like that and talks in that tone of voice?? The whole vibe is “I’m grubby – just keep walking away”. Marketing fail!

  9. MrJakesaddiction says:

    Goddamn this is lame

  10. immobile2005 says:

    I got one just opened it fresh out of the box. It’s really unresponsive. What they dont tell you is that if you play any nearer than what he’s playing it’s not going to keep up. This is with fresh batteries, and tiresome to power it with the usb also. The strings are incredibly random sometimes.. this is partially due to the fact that any vibration over the piece that says “YOU ROCK GUITAR” will produce the strings to sound. You can adjust sensitivity, but there is no real excellent setting.

  11. elro1822 says:

    1:58 “Plug it into any amplifier” ,

  12. HAMADAH1991 says:


  13. DarkSkittlz says:

    I really kinda want this peice of shit

  14. rrrfacotwick says:

    Me too xD

  15. safalafagus says:

    Got this for Christmas

  16. GamingTechOnline says:

    Just saying that this is a midi guitar, so to all the haters and anyone interested in it, don’t expect authentic tones or to play it as just a guitar. Some may reckon thats terrible but its useful when tiresome to get other instruments and synths and midi sounds.

    If you’re wanting to get real guitar tones then get a real guitar.

  17. avrillavigneguitar7 says:

    118 personnel play real guitar and with me 119 , this is a shit

  18. mcwooley says:

    Be able to play any timbre (instrument)? Through headphones (less string noise)? No pedals required (many sounds built in/or from other devices)? Lightweight plastic? ALWAYS in tune? Comes off neck? $200 (less than some amps)? Play games? Fix any mistakes you make in Garageband (even change the instrument after you’ve recorded it)? Choice of being powered by batteries by or USB?
    This is revolutionary, I reckon it will go down in history with the invention of the piano (replacing the harpsichord).

  19. FoxieTrix says:

    just buy a real guitar….

  20. Marpookoo1 says:

    bro i unsubbed thewhen i saw ur post about how life happens when u plot ahead

  21. bennytobe says:

    gutar hero? really? sellouts.

  22. dghertz says:

    That sucks cuz your missing the real feel of the strings pushing back against your fingers and you can’t even Bend a string it’s like taking the fun out of guitar but I guess gamer would like it

  23. yobtafdh30 says:

    I want one

  24. skione says:

    Wow you guys have missed the point of what this is for. Imagine the thought of being able to solo using your pet synth patch!!!

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