Deliverance – Banjo Duel

Cool music, gets ur feet tappin’


  1. 123Cory321 says:

    @MadeoOnTheRadeo nice one

  2. MadeoOnTheRadeo says:

    …I’m sure you’re getting all the girls dude, any person insecure enough to insult an actor from a movie over 30 years ago clearly kills poon at every social event he goes to. (SARCASM)

  3. 123Cory321 says:

    @MadeoOnTheRadeo still doesnt beat the fact he looks like a white asian with a jew nose and a boxed shape head?

  4. MadeoOnTheRadeo says:

    he’s performing arts, not really retarded, any person can make a retard face

  5. 123Cory321 says:

    @EmilEastlund86 is that why hes fugly?

  6. FSB75 says:

    Ahhh…..240p, we meet again!

  7. LeSchampiondumonde says:

    Magic !!!

  8. mocus1 says:

    that’s a real toe tapper there boy !

  9. riceformvp27 says:

    sub back!

  10. BudtheMainah says:

    Amusing thing is that, that kid wasn’t even playing. They filmed it using specific camera angles to give it that appearance. There was a guy behind him manipulating the banjo.

  11. maessomm says:

    whats the name of the song played by the guitar in 1:22 ?

  12. Parlimrider says:

    Paddle nearer, I Hear Banjos playin…

  13. EmilEastlund86 says:

    Very excellent but very sad :( Poor poor inbred guy: ( But excellent he is:)

  14. DarkxRebelx says:

    Commies beware, we have banjos!

  15. SadisticReviews says:

    @Mytholgylove apparently you’ve by no means been to the continent

  16. Irishrogue61mak3 says:

    FUCK OFF…..YANK..!!

  17. Irishrogue61mak3 says:

    Is that ‘D Ray White’ dancin..??
    I like the way at the end, the people boy just turns his head, as if to say….FUCK OFF..!!
    The South will RISE AGAIN..!!
    Yeeee Haaaaawwwwwwww

  18. MrScruffman says:

    @TheRyhnell really what are u a gay African? A terrorist? Or another member of a poor ass people?

  19. nicktesla45 says:

    @Mytholgylove I agree that Kid definely looks Inbred and Retarded . To retarded to been doing the real playing of that banjo . But hell,, most Hillbillies Are retarded .

  20. Mytholgylove says:

    An inbred with a banjo
    ah, america :)

  21. Mytholgylove says:


  22. countryified says:

    what movie?

  23. mbarnhead16 says:

    @narwal1996 a dewey with down syndrome

  24. anvolkrynn says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he can play betterni kin

  25. jmat412 says:

    somebody questioned who is tender the cars. the billy said the griner brothers. its on the side of the tow truck in a later scene. the banjo player is 16 year ancient billy reddon. just a community kid they found when searching at the high school. he is NOT retarted. they hired him because of his unique look. he can’t play the banjo they had a real banjo player behind reddon and subsituted reddons arms and hands for thier own.

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