DEsperado- antonio banderas playing guitar


  1. chicharito993 says:

    It’s called “Cancion del Mariachi” by Los Lobos

  2. balanionut97 says:

    @Certte I want to know the name too..

  3. Certte says:

    What is the name of this song?Desperado?

  4. coyote2806989 says:

    hahahahaaha. BICH

  5. matex237 says:

    does anyone know what guitar is banderas playing???

  6. donat2m2j2 says:

    i don’t speak spanish but i just like this song.

  7. YELLOWNITA says:

    @sprendinea ola ciao!if you like la guitarra look for BOZA GREGG and look for YELLOWNITA!what do you reckon about?

  8. kaloqnchyyy says:

    @elmatatan705 i don’t have that problem i play better with my tongue WITH the ladies :D

  9. ravahk says:

    @MohawkMadness989 cancion de mariach BUT not sure
    write that its doubtless it

  10. Rafi0991 says:

    EJ polaki przejmujemy internet :)

  11. sprendinea says:

    me gustaaa

  12. adminhm says:

    Greetings from Poland!
    Jesteśmy wszędzie :)

  13. ChrisDelRecords says:

    manitas arribas si todavia miran esta pelicula en 2012 xD

  14. salinas831100 says:

    los lobos are so underrated.. they’re fantastic musicians an some of the best guitar skills that ive heard

  15. heladio6 says:

    Damn he is so hot hek wen he 90 he still be hot but this time a sexy grandpa

  16. mrkrystian1999 says:

    he is the largest of the largest

  17. MohawkMadness989 says:

    what is the name of this song? at that fucking incredible.

  18. MrMuscleTroll says:

    Me Gusta!

  19. MegaEvan18 says:


  20. SerbsCrazyAgain says:

    @TheVujke96 Tu smo brate :D

  21. SerbsCrazyAgain says:


  22. FulgDeNeaJin says:


  23. manganzoncineymusica says:

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