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  1. Flexman8620 says:

    I saw Freddiew in there!

  2. TheBlancawabble says:


  3. onlinedating1a1 says:

    5 Stars Clip

  4. NanosoftRussia says:


  5. awesomePCgames says:

    nice suggestions

  6. pomssi1 says:

    @Ps3LegiTT “the kid” is the subject of the phrase, “thinks” is the predicate, “video games” are the second subject, “are” is the second predicate, “talent” is the object. You #FAIL much? You calling someone out on grammar and being incorrect about it. OK, my turn. “Nope, Playing them are a talent.” Playing is written without capital letters, “are” should be “is”.

  7. Ps3LegiTT says:

    @pomssi1 Nope, Playing them are a talent, i can go my fingers, some people cant do that, and work on your grammar, ‘Says the kid who thinks videos games are talent” You’re using video games as a verb. Bitch just got merked

  8. pomssi1 says:

    @Ps3LegiTT Says the kid who thinks video games are talent.

  9. EzPkNoob says:

    Wait a minute this had nothing to do with video games so why is is here?

  10. Ps3LegiTT says:

    @pomssi1 Grow a couple of balls

  11. pomssi1 says:

    @Ps3LegiTT In that case over half of the planet is talented. Grow a couple of brain cells.

  12. Ps3LegiTT says:

    @pomssi1 I Do have talent. i play video games. thats a talent.

  13. RedRangerAidan says:

    @pomssi1 well yeah that makes sense, there’s tonnes of money in it

  14. pomssi1 says:

    @RedRangerAidan So it makes more sense when artists play songs live from their albums? Now why doesn’t that make sense?

  15. pomssi1 says:

    @Ps3LegiTT You are complaining that RWJ has no talent and you post making a bet videos? Hypocrite fuck much?

  16. pomssi1 says:

    @JesusTheGardener How is Phil overrated? He is one of the first youtubers ever, he has been doing this for 6 years.

  17. JeWeetZelf151 says:

    @jdogtwodolla now its 1 day, yours is 22 hours.

  18. JeWeetZelf151 says:

    @jdogtwodolla highest rated comment was 16 hours ago, yours was 12 hours ago, that was when I read it ofcourse. nice try though.

  19. F1alure says:

    Critical flaw plox?

  20. VanHelsing207 says:

    Freddie Wong at 5:07

  21. jdogtwodolla says:

    @JeWeetZelf151 wasn’t there when i commented

  22. JeWeetZelf151 says:

    @jdogtwodolla stop copying highest rated coments

  23. jdogtwodolla says:

    5:06 is that Freddie Wong?

  24. ThicknSwift says:

    @FootballCinema If that is the case I have lost all hop in the planet.

  25. MrMazed says:

    @Ps3LegiTT i’m not checking out your channel but when you get the half mil subs tell me and i’ll unsub to rwj

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