Dimebag Darrell Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Solo Performance by Andy James

www.licklibrary.com More Info and Buy this DVD! Dimebag Darrell Style guitar solo routine is from the DVD Quick Licks – Dimebag Darrell, available to buy from www.licklibrary.com . Andy James teaches you killer guitar licks in the style of Dimebag Darrell, Also includes a guitar jam track. To Find the Backing track head to http Dimebag Darrell a metal guitar legend and initiator member of Pantera.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. corazonratero011 says:


  2. pR0ManiacS says:

    so clean fuck ..

  3. Ozzyrox98 says:

    I hear ‘ I’m Kaput’ and ‘Rise’ in the backing track hehe

  4. ArchBorneo says:

    where I can find this tab for free XD

  5. Babyface6200 says:

    @licklibrary Chuck Schuldiner lick

  6. licklibrary says:

    @kenjishin7 Hi we have a Synyster Gates Quick Licks DVD – check this out: watch?v=mN4TtwA2Ks8

  7. kenjishin7 says:

    What about a Synyster Gates Guitar LIcks? that would be damn awesome

  8. metallica6020 says:

    its im kaput right ?

  9. foogledoo32 says:

    Forgot the whammy dive :)

  10. Ronas77 says:

    Any person know wat is tat thing on his first fret?

  11. LambofGod21689 says:

    That was gorgeous!

  12. ShredEx1120 says:

    I laughed my ass off at the guys face at 0:05
    it matched the music too well!

  13. deepskysnow23 says:

    please quick library do a dave mustaine style one

  14. getsuga987 says:

    @Carbazi Dime lives on.hes in all our hearts :)

  15. metalliholic says:

    This guy is a fucking GOON!!!

  16. surefireshred3 says:

    Dime would be REALLY proud.

  17. Shreddus says:

    Dime n Zakk have always been my main influence in my playing and you can hear it cleanly in my playing… But not like that.. That was outstanding. This DVD is getting bought I reckon. Either that or Im just going to steal a few off the licks on here haha

  18. varan9595 says:

    What strings does andy james use?  They look so smooth and bendable!

  19. Cronositoerenano says:

    Reminds me more from Megadeth solos than Dimebag’s, except some licks.

  20. Midn1ghtAng3l says:

    the only thing it needs is a few Dime Bombs! xd

  21. ugforthewin says:

    That guitar sounds like ass


  22. austinfailz says:

    @gruszkos666 THISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHIS! NOW!  Please and thanks. :)

    I can tell you that Marty liked to do a pick hammer-on roll type thing with clarification based on the Hirajoshi scale.

  23. nickthedick92 says:

    holy shit

  24. RandomMetalGuy666 says:

    dimebag wouldve done it better… :P

  25. tgm5150 says:

    Brilliant riffs

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