Don Was – Maia Sharp – “John Q. Lonely”

Maia Sharp is a fantastic singer-songwriter whose songs have been recorded by the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Art Garfunkel, The Dixie Chicks and Edwin McCain. We were in a studio in Hollywood a few weeks ago when she sat down at the piano to play us a fantastic new song she’d written with guitarist Mark Addison. It’s called “John Q. Lonely” and, fortunately, our cameras were running and the tape was rolling…..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. adultdatingsite452 says:

    4 stars Small Clip

  2. amyframes69 says:

    Wow. Just wow. So timely and poigniant.

  3. lnhancock says:

    Wow, could be my theme song

  4. hawki9 says:

    Saw her perform this song tonight at Pershing Square in L.A. and was fantastic. Have by no means even heard of her until tonight and what a fantastic voice and talent. Fantastic song.

  5. TonyLeeOnline says:

    Can’t wait till you come to Pittsburgh on July 17th. Thanks for having me to open the show.

  6. unku says:

    Congratulations, you’re fascinating by association.

  7. GutairHero1209 says:

    need sexy subscribers!  plz i

  8. norriscarolina says:

    Say Anything…You are incredible!!! four letter lie…nice.

  9. FreakyFreshVids says:

    shes our 3rd cousin.
    maia if u see this please write somethin
    -emanuel and george

  10. doonbeg says:

    Fantastic song and an inccredible voice. Give me more!!!

  11. tubesandhorns says:

    Singer Yes, Writer heck Yeah!
    Maia and Judith Owen are my two fav singers of all time.

  12. stevertr says:

    One my pet songs, by one of my pet artists……all it needs is a “dab of Darren.”

    I really like it better on the electronic keyboard because that whole “carnival sound” really adds to the song.

  13. prettybassgirl says:

    Did she use to play saxophone?

  14. cenarsystems says:

    Change & Experience

  15. nbwulf says:

    Excellent lil song.

  16. robtran says:

    That’s a fantastic song, and she’s quite a excellent singer. Thanks for posting this.

  17. barryperrins says:

    Fantastic job. I loved your song, well done.

  18. andyt76 says:

    Singer YES writer well maybe not.

  19. 15geteli says:

    i “like” his song but… i don’t wear nail polish but i like the affect!:)

  20. 123marshmoo says:

    Sweet sure theyre all girls!

  21. roxybearemma12 says:


  22. Vanessacanchola says:

    I luv justin biebers nail polish nd perfum

  23. stargirlvictoria says:

    @SonnyChanceOXOXO they were close enough :) 

  24. SonnyChanceOXOXO says:

    The Demi Lovato song is called DON’T FORGET not Did U Forget!

  25. nnavish says:

    I like you both! inbox me your number and send by e-mail address:P:P

  26. SabrinatheOfficial says:

    can you guys sing a song again, i just like your voices together(:

  27. ShellTard says:

    His perfume is really excellent. I dont like him, but like the perfume.

  28. KarineMoura234 says:

    Like Skyscraper.
    Like headbands
    Like youuu!!

  29. MrcookiePolarBear says:

    schools and stuff.. wow. 

  30. beowolfradiaoul says:

    justin bieber has his own nail polish? lol …

  31. MrsJulietteee says:


  32. MisakiRawrz says:

    @ELEMENT901223 :)

  33. CHUCKTHEDOC says:

    Always Awesome lady,s!
    Chuck Awesome

  34. MisakiRawrz says:

    You guys are fantastic singers :)

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