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Drum and Bass Music DOWNLOAD bit.ly Agent Alvin Drum N Bass Mix Agent Alvin – August 2009 Studio Mix Panda presents Agent Alvin. The acclaimed New Zealand Drum N Bass producer is just finishing off collaborations with Viper Recording’s own Futurebound which will hit this year. Agent Alvin’s single “Don’t Look Back” has become a straight-out Drum N Bass hit. Alvin has mixed his most recent work exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV. Tune in to hear New Zealand’s best. Out now: Agent Alvin – Super Highway (Hospital Records) Out now: Agent Alvin – Wicked Man (Viper Recordings) Out now: Agent Alvin – Don’t Look Back (Viper Recordings) Out soon: Agent Alvin & Futurebound – Untitled (Viper Recordings) █████ www.myspace.com █ TRACKLISTING █ (Click on timecode) 00:00 – Agent Alvin – Drift Away (Hospital Records) 02:34 – Minuit – Daddy O (Agent Alvin RMX) (???) 05:29 – Agent Alvin – Super Highway (Hospital) 07:43 – Agent Alvin – Circuit Breaker (Full Sequence) 09:33 – Agent Alvin – Pick Me Up (Full Sequence) 11:46 – Agent Alvin – Pinata feat. Fiasco (???) 13:58 – Agent Alvin – On the Run (G2) 15:48 – Bulletproof – Beirut (Agent Alvin RMX) (Cyanide) 18:01 – Antiform & Agent Alvin – Artificial Acumen (System Wide) 19:30 – Agent Alvin – Dont Look Back feat. Fiasco (Viper) 21:42 – Agent Alvin – Like Lost (???) █ ABOUT █ Music has always been a part of Agent Alvins life. Alvin aka Warren Field was brought up on a steady diet of classical composers, later giving way to the
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  1. MrFullhp says:

    the best mix on panda dnb i reckon

  2. archicorn2789 says:

    @roma6675 @Brotagonist ..

  3. archicorn2789 says:

    Haha….and this came out in 2009

  4. archicorn2789 says:

    @Lahmarschchiller plus his music is sweet awesome too….the lure was excellent though xD

  5. roma6675 says:


  6. 666Holyfail says:

    I can see only the very top of the Drum&Bass logo below the like bar.

    It looks like another whole dislike bar wtf

  7. Brotagonist says:

    Nice T..rack! :D 

  8. FeniksRZ says:

    What you by no means saw in your life breasts, so you searching on youtube?

  9. TnVz says:

    Personally, this is my pet mix. I like it so much! <3

  10. bassjunkie420666187 says:

    @rhythmatikjq i second that if i wana see that stuff i go home to my girl i come here for the music

  11. tekunos says:

    20:19 eargasm :D

  12. BognorGirlForLife says:

    Lovee this mix :) 

  13. vinzbrain says:

    hard to talk about music when you are promised boobs and you are given a chubby guy

  14. Lahmarschchiller says:

    Luring people with tits, this guy is awesome haha

  15. KlerkyJoe says:

    Hey check out this new dnb dj
    I found out about him yesterday…

  16. rhythmatikjq says:

    You guys are seriously clicking around YouTube looking for boobies?? Wow. Sad. How can there be there so many 10-year-olds on YouTube?

    This is a fantastic mix. Let’s raise the level of acumen and talk about the music.

    @dupa333jelenia @OdysseusAres5500 @denncath @eminemnr1

  17. MrGuppyJR says:

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  18. Easly2011 says:

    @rarf2142 Agree, omg Incredible mix btw

  19. fire2412 says:

    Best music ever !

  20. rarf2142 says:

    138 dislikes are horny ass bastards :P

  21. andaluzium says:

    u guys are fking sad :|

  22. denncath says:

    i came to see tits. fFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. DUBsFreaK says:

    Thumps up if u klicked for the girl!!

  24. ORTmusic says:

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  25. eminemnr1 says:

    so were are the womans?

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