Duane Allman Slide Guitar Lesson

I thought it was time I tried to do a lesson. Although I’m not a guitar teacher, I feel it is my duty to pass on some of the things I have learned. Please have patience with my teaching style. I’ll do my best to get the basic thought across. I spent a lot of years culture different styles of playing. The smallest amount I can do is try to give some of you guitar players a head start. I have been a Duane Allman follower since I first saw the Allman Brothers on August 17th, 1971. I was on vacation in Boston the summer I turned 16. My friends took me to the Boston Common for the concert of a lifetime. I was so inspired by seeing the ABB and Duane, I traded my acoustic for an electric as soon as I got home. Duane was in a class all his own. He played with so much heart and soul. Just yesterday I got a CD from the Boston Common show in the mail. It is the fifth release of some of the ahead of schedule shows with Duane. I really brought back a lot of fantastic memories. It also inspired me to do this vid. This lesson is sweet general. It covers some of the basics of Duane’s slide technique. I learned what I know of this style by ear over the years. Look for more lessons that go into more detail on specific songs.


  1. dannyhood66 says:

    Did Duane ever use a beer bottle, i misunder stood guitar player mag said clapton was jammin with Duane showing clapton bottle interview said something Yeah Clapton’s gettin it, excellent ol boy? You probebly read that interview before he died? Was lil older than 5 in 72. Later on i found i couldnt dress like you, finished up in the slammer in Peru’ Yeah was back in 82. lol! Excellent lesson more advanced than slide i started to ‘terrible motor scooter’ I tune open E lower for acoustic strings, the levee breaks

  2. backyardjammers1 says:

    Very excellent video. you have a fantastic touch
    Thanks Gord.

  3. trufflesmell says:

    Thanks Mark. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. markgalloway says:

    Yes, Duane played a National dobro.

  5. trufflesmell says:

    Does anyone know what kind of acoustic/resonator guitars Duane used?

    Thanks for the vid.

  6. rkamen1 says:

    nice firebird

  7. thetinkerer says:

    cheers you are giving some very excellent suggestions and showing a excellent representation of Duane. well done! fantastic playing.

  8. markgalloway says:

    Yes, the guitar is tuned to open E. The song is in the key of D. Duane played the majority of his slide in an open E tuning. But, the songs he played slide on are in many different keys. Another model would be “I Must Have Done Somebody Incorrect”. The song is in the key of C but the guitar is still in an open E tuning.

    You can also tune your guitar to other tunings for slide. The most well loved tunings are open E, open D and open G. Duane preferred open E.

  9. memphisslimblues says:

    Is there a reason you tune it down to E and play in D ?

  10. markgalloway says:

    You can play slide on a Tele. Duane used to play slide on a Strat before he became a Les Paul/SG (Humbucker) guy.

  11. MatthijsJansen79 says:

    Is it possible to play slide guitar on a telecaster or do I need a guitar with a humbucker?

  12. CatClemonsOfficial says:

    NO WAY, YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF CAT CLEMONS!? Come redeem your shame by checking out my videos and commenting and subscribing! It’ll be awesome. Trust me.

  13. cyclodelia says:

    can you show me how to play mojo boogie by johnny winter?
    thanks for showing the tuning, i really want to do this

  14. themontevi1 says:

    Fantastic job. Thank you

  15. bluesdog88 says:

    Hey Mark, just wondering if you do lesson requirements, Freddie King – TV Mama (from the album Freddie King 1934-1976) has Duanne playing slide, it’s is the best slide solo I have ever heard ;)

  16. bluesdog88 says:

    Brilliant lesson, like the tone.I’m just unusual is it necessary to have your slide guitar setup with a slightly higher nut? I use a brass slide sometimes, its heavy and sometimes i touch the frets, kinda sounds messy at around the 1st to 5th frets.

  17. 6Vital6Remains6 says:

    You’re a brilliant, player, Mark. Thanks for posting this.

  18. Lapsteelz says:

    A very detailed, clear lesson. And very well played. Brilliant.

  19. sepultura7771 says:

    I like this slide style when you play it, but not always when allman brothers do it. I guess it’s all that distortion in ur face when it’s just the guitar . I despise statesboro blues.

  20. DarlokRC says:

    Your voice sounds like Sam Voice in MS system ;D

  21. TheDownfan says:

    please answer me what calls this song

  22. ajsully22 says:

    I’m horrible but you helped me and I thank you

  23. GeorgiaBoy1961 says:

    Mark, I like Duane’s playing, but appreciate other slide masters also. Who do you find are your favorites? Would also be interested in culture about how you’ve got your guitar set up for slide. I’ve had some luthiers tell me have a guitar set up for slide playing only, and others not – just use a regular axe. What’s your take? Thanks again for a fantastic video… and please make a CD, I’d buy it.

  24. GeorgiaBoy1961 says:

    @Mazeltof90: This isn’t Mark, but hope you don’t mind… Mark Hanson, a Grammy-winning acoustic player and superb teacher, has numerous instruction materials on his website, Accent on Music, including a book on open-tuned chords and also playing slide. He is an acoustic player, but his stuff adapts to electric playing also.

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