DVD-Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar

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  1. 49cent "formerly 51cent" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic benefit to anyone with a genuine interest in pedal steel., May 10, 2007
    49cent “formerly 51cent” (dog heaven, Florida) –
    This review is from: DVD-Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar (DVD)

    I’ve been playing guitar for over twenty years and finally bought a Pedal Steel.

    This DVD is really an invaluable tool to anyone wishing to become familiar with

    many different aspects of the Pedal Steel.

    * All the basics; terminology,tuning, picking, blocking (dampening strings rapidly for that “pro” sound).

    * Demonstrates how to run major scales in different configurations and the many inversions of the major

    (and minor) chords with the pedals and levers.

    * Reveals a few stock “hot-licks” that give you just enough knowledge to be perilous

    * Suggests many other sources of Pedal Steel information and insight into what it’s like to be a pedal steel pro

    I’d like to also add that what made this DVD so wonderfully useful was ripping it to a video ipod.

    Placing the ipod on the music stand next to the Mel Bay Pedal Steel Guitar Chord Chart

    and using the headphones to pace myself through each new exercise and technique. The DVD itself is

    only an hour or two, but I let myself take it in very small steps and after six months and two cycles through it, five minutes at a time, with hours and hours of practice – I’m really addicted to my pedal steel.

    Bruce seems like a nice guy and was simple to take virtual direction from. I’d like a more advanced DVD, which he elludes to in the DVD but is not yet available…which is not surprising, given the relative obscurity and underuse of the pedal steel in modern music.

    If you’re gonna plop down the huge chunk of change that is a pedal steel, you need to know that it takes years to learn to play. It takes a ton of patience just to tune the thing, much less learn all the chords and licks. Approaching the tutorial with that frame of mind will maximize your enjoyment of it. If you expect this DVD or any other product to magically teach you to play the pedal steel for your gig or conference tomorrow, you’re throwing excellent money after terrible. It’s clear that the instructor views the pedal steel as a discipline that provides a real longer term satisfaction. If you’re on board, you must hold this DVD.

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  2. Bobby Ganoush says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Brilliant Beginner DVD if you have the patience., April 3, 2005
    Bobby Ganoush (Rockaway Beach, NY) –
    This review is from: DVD-Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar (DVD)

    Let me start by saying that this DVD taught me more than the instructor that I paid $40 per hour for lessons did. But you have to go at your own pace and be sure that your guitar is near the TV and the pause button is close at hand.

    I only have one criticism of this DVD and it isn’t Bouton’s fault. The DVD needs a director. Sometimes Bruce jumps ahead of the beginner’s pace and sometimes he gets a small dyslexic (ie: the last parts of Hall on the Hill are a mess). They should have gone back and re-shot that part before distributing this DVD to the public.

    If things like that don’t bother you, then by all means pick it up. I must say that those flubs certainly got me annoyed because I paid $$ for this, and there are obvious errors, minor errors, but errors nonetheless. Still, an brilliant culture tool.

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  3. Ems mom "Marie" says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Definately Not A Beginner Lesson, December 25, 2006
    Ems mom “Marie” (Raleigh-Durham, NC United States) –
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    This review is from: DVD-Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar (DVD)

    I bought this for my daughter who is a right beginner on this instrument hoping to give her an introduction. I was looking for the very basics. Unfortunately this DVD assumes you know a fantastic deal about the pedal steel. Bruce jumps right in with exercises, scales, and a song without going into the stuff you need to know first. How to hold the bar (taught about a third of the way in), how to hold the picks, how to pick, how to tune the guitar, how the strings are numbered, how the pedals are numbered, etc (by no means taught). Ahead of schedule in the tape he freely admits he hopes you have someone in the neighborhood who can teach you. Gee, isn’t that why I bought this DVD? You definately need a pause on your remote because Bruce blows through what he is doing in the examples.

    Very disappointing from a right beginners standpoint. It will benefit the more intermediate player more.

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