E Shape Barre Chord Grip, Major and Minor (Guitar Lesson IM-111) How to play IF Stage 1

In this guitar lesson we are going to be looking at E Shape Major and Minor barre chords. Yep. A 20 minute lesson just on these two chords! There is going to be a lot of talking (I like to call it explaining) and I’m tiresome to answer every question I have been questioned about playing these chords, so that at the end you will be playing them perfect. That’s my intention anyhow, hope it helps you learn then quick and well :) This ispart of Justin’s Intermediate Guitar Method, Foundation. A series of lessons available free online! justinguitar.com Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of justinguitar.com www.justinguitar.com Have fun .
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In this special Guitar Planet video, YouTube-phenomenon Andy McKee demonstrates his hit song “Drifting.” Check out guitarworld.com for detailed instruction on how he plays this song, but more about his social class, influences, and latest album.
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  1. MrPhil13579 says:

    wish I saw these videos when I started playing not 5 months down the road -_- having to alter everything I usually do

  2. guiterdun01 says:

    Roy Nichols (of Merle Haggard fame) showed me an alternate method of barring the chords.
    You bar the first three strings then bring your thumb over the top of the E6 string (looks as though you are just grabbing the neck. This facilitates very high speed changing and hand comfort. Both methods of barring are valid throughout the music industry.

  3. TheColoroutofSpace says:

    I pronounce it that way, too. “cay-po” just sounds weird to me.

  4. chichoskruch21 says:

    weird I found that extremely simple from the first time…

  5. arcopizzicato says:

    you guitar sounds so excellent!

  6. ZeppelinFloydRoses says:

    I recently had two operations on my left forearm. I have absolutely no strength to play barre chords. Especially Em shape chords. I have been playing for very nearly 3 years, but I’m experiencing the pain of beginners.

  7. alemieux3 says:

    I’m getting some buzzing off one of the higher strings, doubtless the B string. How hard do you have to press into the neck?

  8. gavae10 says:

    this heeelppppeed. SO MUCH

  9. ThePhantomTerror says:

    The toughest barre chord for me is the F minor chord. I have no problem with F# minor or G minor barre chord but the F minor chord is just hard (because of the third string).

  10. SadStudios says:

    Hahaha, I busted out laughing at 9:20…!

  11. JasonBlinkd says:

    i like how he says capo xD

  12. TwoFiveTen says:

    Aww shit, the skin on the side of my 1st fiddle with is so saggy, just as soft as the skin on the front. I`ve been tiresome to play barre chords for 3 years and now I know why I can by no means get it :(

  13. robbertou says:

    HOOOOOLY SHIT! no way man,
    THANK YOU i finnally got it damn

    thought i by no means but i did so THANKS!

  14. iMPRE7ed says:

    Haha, Justin must have knocked out some teeth outta some mofo. Look at them knuckles on the right hand

  15. SeagerTaylorGang says:

    thanks so much your lessons are sick!

  16. Eviltoast567 says:

    thank you so much I found out I had my hand in an hard to maneuver position which was making my hand so much! thankyou again you are a fantastic teacher!

  17. marlzz92 says:

    i find swapping positions with my ring fiddle with and small fiddle with a lot simpler with this.

  18. sonofJack3 says:

    God these hurt so much…

  19. TheMercful says:

    this cap makes you look younger! Like 3 years ago :) ))
    Gr8 lesson as always.

  20. mrchucknorris says:

    best teacher, of anything, on youtube

  21. TheLiarlion says:

    its just clever design on matons behalf, reduces the exit angle of the string and helps to eliminate nut strip. fantastic lessons btw.

  22. verandahs01 says:

    much appreciated

  23. MxSmack says:

    Perfect lesson, you covered all the impostant stuff we need to know. :)

  24. omeganukestrike says:

    Been playin bar chords for about a year now, always muted the B string for some reason, now i use the 45 degree turn thing, and no problems straight away. Genious.

  25. moneymakerisawonderf says:

    Fantastic man

  26. MrDearjohnywalker says:


  27. foxtrotalex says:

    the guitar really has different scale lengths for each string. It is called the “Novax Fanned Fret” system.

  28. Dunegutt says:

    theyre really straight to me, ur eyes must be fucked up bro

  29. lovejesusourlordno says:

    I can’t play like that, maybe its the deep, soaked in shellac his fingers have from the years of constant masturbation he does to kangaroo scat porn

  30. Sebbo Eriksson says:

    It makes the guitar become more “in tune”(??) like, with regular frets it’s a liiiittle bit off-tune when u get down around the 9th fret. Andy clarifies this in this video -

  31. Grambo4 says:

    This is a fantastic video…but it’s not really a “lesson”, is it. Disappointed…

  32. ShotFreak says:

    i like you , you are the best player in the planet!! i ever heard

  33. AndersAalborg says:

    Not completely sure, but I reckon he said in another interview that a lot of his guitar sound comes from the built-in microphone/pickup-system. So they may have just used the SM57 to augment the sound some…

  34. simonrose2 says:

    whats so special about this fanned frets? well they look fascinating ;)

  35. Watsk3burt says:

    dont know why he keeps telling us his life tales in very nearly every video…jst get to the guitar playing ffs

  36. ShittyMcPoopyBalls says:

    I reckon the fact that he’s using a 15,000 dough guitar contributes to the sound quality too…maybe. 

  37. ChrirTFM says:

    It can’t be that, that sound is only recorded with a sm57?! there must be more :D If not, this is an incredible job

  38. FrancescoCasta says:

    I am very nearly starting to weep. THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ACOUSTIC GUITAR TRACK!

  39. masteircheef says:

    no he doubtless didn’t otherwise he would not bring up it.

  40. limsniff says:

    Topeka Kansas? Home of the most despised family in the U.S, the Phelps family… If Andy played for them they would worship him instead…

  41. carvindc400 says:

    Song starts at 5:19

  42. vncnzo says:

    i reckon he knows;)

  43. kyle23693 says:

    this guy just blows my mind with his music and in my opinion the acoustic guitar is one of the best sounding instraments in the planet if not the best:)

  44. Craigharrismusic says:

    the fanned frets help with his array of altered tunings, they help with tuning stability and intonation like a piano would with the thinner strings being shorter and thicker stings being longer.

  45. borko92 says:

    it’s called “fanned frets”. look it up

  46. Jshect says:

    I am guessing he had that guitar custom made for his style of guitar playing. I am guessing it’s simpler for him to play the right clarification, with curved frets, when he plays from the top instead of the bottom with his left hand.

  47. Blairstown475 says:


  48. coreyfoxfardellmusic says:

    If you like Folk it would mean the planet to me if you PLEASE check out my new Acoustic Conference via my channel – ‘Dreamy Summer’…Cheers Corey x

  49. Mrmetallicaman100 says:

    Andy’s so gay even his frets aren’t straight!..Just Kidding, Andy is a fantastic guitar player so go check him out!

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