Enter Sandman Metallica by The Mini Band 8 to 10 years old

Live at the Bucklebury Beer Festival, The Mini band, with Zoe Thomson and Harry Jackson on lead guitars, Kieran Fell on Rhythm, Harrison Read on lead vocals, Archie Zolotuhin on Bass and Charlie Emmons on drums. The guitar/vocals are 8 years ancient, bass and drums 10 years ancient. Join their facebook group here: www.facebook.com contact www.letsplayrock.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. DanMooreish says:

    This is what should be on Britain’s got talent! because this is talent!
    Keep it going guys you’re an inspiration to musicians the planet over :D

  2. jerepih says:

    That drummer kid is so kickass!!!!!

  3. countroshculla says:

    Holy moly! I wanna take on board these kids. And ofcourse manage them. comeone, how can u not like their routine, 388 dislikes.

  4. eqysterika says:

    Seguramente el profesor es muy bueno ! Un aplauso

  5. Michrocker666 says:

    vazquez sounds is for pussies

  6. ladyman2317 says:

    2:35, 3:10 =)

  7. resurrectorx says:

    vocals ain’t excellent but logically.. but the sound sweet impressive awesome work..and the small girl playing the solo <3

  8. resurrectorx says:

    387 megadeth fans linking 8 to 10

  9. TheDemonAngel28 says:

    Thumbs up if you already saw them on youtube before it was even in the news.

    Like the MiniBand! <3
    Zoe! :D

  10. jialemanya0489 says:

    no bass?

  11. KarakuriPaladin says:

    When I was eight I questioned for a Sunburst Ultro Les Paul to go viral and get a band but no mommy insisted I get a toy truck and get over it…

  12. TheOrionification says:

    Metallica favorited this video!

  13. SPARKYROCKER says:

    Where are the spiral headbangs? -_-

  14. Tmetal says:

    Incredible talent kids and they nail better than Metallica.

  15. clivve301 says:

    Бля я в шоке!Это круто!

  16. albertojm says:

    Better than Metallica itself, that’s for sure.

  17. kidsTeachGuitar2kids says:

    Our new music video project is not yet ready and we wanted to rock out somehow. We irregularly get accusations that my 8 year ancient son is not really playing all of the music in our videos. Maybe they don’t notice he teaches guitar note for note? We chose “Ok, you want AIR GUITAR? Let’s ROCK!!!” We hope you can check our Xmas video. Pleased Holidays!

  18. tsalagiblue says:

    @tommymiller66 He freaking LOVED IT, man!!!!!

  19. climbingstartshere says:

    That girl is killin’ it!

  20. MsHaninhah says:

    nooooooossa, que demais eles. muito perfeito!

  21. ANTONI0DRUM says:

    best that the metallica and the girl play that the guitar of metallica hauhauhauhauha

  22. aaawhan says:

    @meroka10 dont know the disliker just waana be asshole

  23. aaawhan says:

    @ZamrosProductions now thats too much

  24. DeathbySCREAMO says:

    Say your pwayews…

  25. faboaavenido says:

    que se jodan los vazques sound, queremos rock!!!!

  26. Mrtangmo00 says:


  27. abi17kiss says:

    plizz “It will rain” It sounds AMAZING!

  28. TrishandCarissaMusic says:

    r u coming to new york in the spring? :D

  29. 1FirstRecon says:

    Do Hero of War!!!

  30. rabinamainali says:

    You,ll make every song so original…i delight in it so much

  31. Iruini626 says:

    Your guitar sound so rich!!! 

  32. disperar says:


  33. MilaRistovic says:

    I like singing. I did my own translation of JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
    I’d like you to check out my channel and MY COVERS because I reckon I should hear your oppinion. It won’t take a lot of time to you but your excellent will can help my DREAM come truth :) So THUMBS UP, help me up a bit! :) )
    Thank you sooo much! God bless you all!

  34. jackm900 says:

    Awesome !!

  35. houssamfortune says:

    Please Alejandro tell us where did you buy this shirt !!

  36. shosho862 says:

    incredible voice :)

  37. 1kaemy says:

    Just you ***** !!!

  38. funkthatshizzle says:

    This is my favourite cover of any sang and you made it your own It’s incredible :)

  39. lcfcelitefox says:

    Learned you whilst having lunch with my daughter, being played on the sound system in a cafe in Leicester. I have been playing your music constantly in my car and on ipod ever since you guys are really AMAZING and deserve more publicity in the UK

  40. farikhan says:

    WOW you guys make each and every song you cover your own!

  41. zeRo6o6o6 says:

    I’ve heard theres a cover of a guy called “bruno mars” or something like that.. but its just a weak cover compared to this one.

  42. MrsHelptwig says:

    Dear Alejandro

    One of my subscribers recently told me my voice reminded her of your voice

    It made me really pleased, but after watching your videos I realise she must have been lying… There’s just no way :(

    You’re a fantastic fund of inspiration to me and I hope you will check out my videos, because even though I may not sing as well as you yet,I sure wont stop tiresome!

    Thank you! Please hit “THUMBS UP” so he force see this.. <3

  43. CyndiLauper85 says:

    ur so gorgeous, i wish i could tell you everyday <3

  44. Gambitolover15 says:

    His voice is the most incredible voice in the whole freakin planet! Sounds awesome <333

  45. ninacaterina1 says:

    fabian = yummy

  46. 1992bugo says:

    this guy for president!

  47. 20Unbelievable06 says:

    @yaoi1yuri “the guy” would be Daniel and “the singing guy” would be Alejandro :)

  48. 20Unbelievable06 says:

    @semmakdo21 they have a few of their own songs here on YouTube if you go to their channel. :)

  49. pipocity1 says:

    me gusta mas que la translation de bruno mars…….jejejejeXD

  50. meery3008 says:


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