Eric Clapton – Crossroads 1st Solo (Songs Guitar Lesson CS-001) How to play

This is the first of my new series of lessons covering classic guitar solos. This one looks at Eric Clapton’s first solo in the song Crossroads as recorded with Cream. It’s full of fascinating mixes of major and minor pentatonic, and got loads of fantastic licks to steal! I hope the “pace” is excellent, I to tried get the balance right linking going slow and not making it too long… do let me know if you reckon it needs more or less detail so I can make the future ones better! Because I had my amp up real loud I had to use different microphones than usual, in fact I had two mics on to pick up the vocal and they are slightly out but for some stupid reason I couldn’t get them to linet up right, seemed close enough when I was editing, but sounds a small weird now on YouTube… just in case you wondered… The Justin Guitar Beginners Songbook contains 100 songs specifically structured for beginners and there are 10 songs for each stage of the Beginners Course. See the web site for the beginner lessons and more info including full song list, try out songs and order details. You can also order the book from your community music pile!Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. SimplyDanuzzz says:

    UAAAAUUUU ….. uaaaauuuu ….. incredible! Me able to lean stuff like this, is a marvel come right! THANK YOU for this fantastic tutorial !!!

  2. LedZepPhil says:

    Please do soe Jeff Beck!!! I’d suggest making a lesson with Jeff’s Bolero!

  3. madman1128 says:

    Who said you are dull terrible man ! You go thro solo s nice and slowly that make it real simple to learn ! You are a talented man many thanks !!

  4. BoyMonarch says:

    This is so incredibly dull

  5. ThePhantomTerror says:

    Hotel California!

    (Fantastic lesson btw)

  6. butterscotchtele says:

    Is that a Champ? Thanks Justin.

  7. TheTomplum says:

    top lesson justin thanks, Its a bit hard for me yet but I’m effective at what you’re teaching us , LISTENING and effective out where the chord changes are, and guess what, when you realize where the changes are, its a huge buzz, like the penny drops, and another piece in the jigsaw of the huge picture comes in, if there’s a word for ‘ better than awsome’ this lesson deserves that word,… can’t thank you enough, you’re a f’kin top man, :-)

  8. muaythaiOK says:

    I would class myself as a beginner as i’ve by no means had a teacher and I still don’t know the pentatonic scales, but ive been at this video for two weeks now and I”ve cracked it…(albeit at 45% of the speed that you can do it)…lol….so fantastic lesson thank you very much…

  9. conradzajkowski says:

    thanks a lot dude, ive been meaning to learn this by the side of time, god bless

  10. sharir1 says:

    the lesson was awesome: saw it. learned it. played it. felt awesome

  11. PHarmonyNetwork says:

    LIKE IT…

  12. 94JackJohnson says:

    some jimi hendrix, PLEASE sir.

  13. skratman says:

    Fantastic job. I only found out a small while ago that Clapton lifted the solo note for note from an ancient Albert King song.

  14. boycie205 says:

    how about some peter green justin, you dont seem to have done any greeny yet!!!

  15. RosaRose168 says:

    Thanks! Fantastic lesson =)

  16. timnotbrianmay says:

    OH, YEAH!!! STEAL from EVERYBODY!!! That way, they can’t pin ya’ down…’less you give it up!

  17. timnotbrianmay says:

    …What they said! Hey, Justin…hit Alvin Lee yet? Ya’ know…the Woodstock classic…

  18. catssquirrel77 says:

    Brilliant lesson. Thank you.

  19. HackSlasher says:

    perfect pacing!

  20. classicrock1956 says:

    Brilliant. This is the best instructional video for this solo that I have found. Thanks. Just spent about a week with this video and have got it nailed down. The key is to take it slow and play it clean and then slowly speed up to the right tempo. If you can’t play it clean at a slow speed you will by no means play it clean at the normal speed. Now, WHERE IS THE 2ND SOLO!!!!!! lol

  21. falcorne019 says:

    Achilles last stand please sir.

  22. Xa3rio says:

    Finally! A solo! Finally! <3 this channel, and now it got from awesome to outstanding! keep em coming justin, like the thought.

  23. harryflocyberman says:

    I like it!

  24. pjr324 says:

    Justin, excellent pace. Not to quick and not to slow.
    Perfect! You have come a long ways. Excellent use of visual and auditory.
    Pleased Holidays to you and yours.

  25. takekoins says:

    hey justin, you are awesome, pleas could you teach us high hopes by pink floyd? it would be so cool if you did. thank you for teaching us all!

  26. MrImwatchingyou says:

    at 1:00 he looks really depressed at having to teach that chord to people again, he seems to just be like…. oh my god this degrading -_-

  27. rickklarenberg says:

    @norcalprogressive depends, if you use it all the choirds should sound excellent, and if you dont you gotta practics. i prefer not to, its simpler not to(i always lose my picks xD) and i reckon you can place more emotion in it without pick(you can strike harder now and then, for model). also its simpler to switch linking fiddle with picking and strumming choirds without pick.

  28. ballz711 says:

    I’m 13, I wonder why other kids prefer Justin Gayber -.-

  29. matthewjakeallinson says:

    Just saying – I am 13 and I like this song!

  30. andybiersackslover12 says:

    i need help with the song morticains daughter by black veil brides

  31. andybiersackslover12 says:

    i need help with the song morticains daughter

  32. mastergogetaus says:

    thanks man!

  33. norcalprogressive says:

    Should I use a pick? My brother said not to but I trust an expert more…

  34. tam4143 says:

    Thanks Marty Dude!!!!!

  35. Spencerianism says:

    High as a kite.

  36. ladyaguilar21 says:
  37. JohnLennonIsLove16 says:

    @JoeyFritz1 thats why I’m culture it. I like you lol

  38. peterwhyte09 says:

    i am 12 and i like this song
    i feel so excellent that i have learn it
    thank youuu marty

  39. wrr276 says:

    If anyone is confused about the 2nd chord you use with that x. You mute it with your index fiddle with while playing so you will gently be on the string.

  40. JOExSPARTIAN says:

    Thx :) 

  41. Bluestard says:

    Any beginners should check this guy out.
    Thanks Marty.

  42. mpm111144 says:

    WOW! I just clicked on here…exactly two years ago to THE DAY that Marty place this video on here! He place it on here on Dec 17, 2009, and today is Dec 17, 2011. I know, I know…whoopdee do, huh? LOL Way to go Marty. Like ALL your lessons. Thanks a gazillion!! :D )

  43. JiaDua says:


  44. halo3bruteslicer8 says:

    i know the song and im 15

  45. Killumanited says:


  46. TriptoMoon says:

    @theescondidoroad – I agree, I quit my music teacher because he was tiresome to milk me for my money. Like he was frightened I’d get excellent and quit. I learn so much more from these yt videos. You can let the bottom strings ring but focus is mainly on the top four. Its a sweet simple chord. You dont really have to reckon about muting the second string, it should come natural. I saw the america playing this and he really looks like he plays the last three strokes as 0-0-0-2-0-0

  47. TriptoMoon says:

    @lundholm4 just remember three downs to start then all ups and downs with the exception of the one up stroke terrified in there. its simple to kinda over reckon it. if you still cant do it, mute the strings with your left hand and just practice the beat, then come back with the chords, if that makes sense.

  48. MrMcrusty says:

    Why does Marty only ever do the verses and not the entire song? There’s two other chords that he hasn’t even mentioned in this song.

  49. WhatbudgetPrd says:

    @theescondidoroad seems to mean its muted, so you don’t dodge that string, you just mute it with another fiddle with.

  50. kgsolaman5000 says:

    This guys heaps cool thanks dude (Y)

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