EZ Acoustic Guitar lesson trick make one chord into nine create melodies songs music

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this video comes from 中国达人秀(China’s got talents)season2 on 5 june,2011. a 68 year ancient lady learnt to play the guitar and join the TV competetion to sing the song Because of Like to express how much she likes her husband. feel so heart stirred!!!!!! the ancient lady finally passed it and entering to the next level.
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  1. nochix96isnuts says:

    @rockongoodpeople ROGP,could you please question David if he could demo again one of his MIM strats?

  2. gafarmer54 says:

    It seems everybody is asking for a free guitar .Well i could use an electric one myself.J/K But thanks for your effort . As we say down south in macon town yall have a excellent un ya

  3. rockongoodpeople says:

    @thrasher321990 – thanks so much for your kind words – most appreciated! So glad that you like my lessons and that I can help you with your playing. Keep up all that hard work on that guitar and keep on rocking!
    -David T

  4. joeprod1 says:

    Not just for acoustic. Sounds fantastic on a clean electric with a phase shifter or chorus. For affect, I add my pinky on the e string in the same fret as the ring fiddle with and/or add the middle fiddle with on the G string on the fret linking the index and ring fiddle with. Excellent stuff.

  5. prakash4uhere says:

    Hi David , First of all i want to thank you for all the effort u have place in they are very helpful. I jus have question what scales can we play on these chords in the video higher than .

  6. thrasher321990 says:

    Hey david.. I bought a guitar 3 months ago and i started watching ur lessons on you tube and my open chord changes are lik butter as you would place it.. i just wanna say thanks for the lessons and i really appreciate it.. once again thank you so much..

  7. cookerg says:

    @roscopeco2000 You could use your baby fiddle with on the D string and use your ring fiddle with to mute the low E 

  8. SoulMusicBrotha says:

    @Iflexis Hey at smallest amount you have a guitar, I wish I had one so I could practice on it and learn a lot from books and fantastic instuctional videos like these

  9. alkalynn1 says:

    solo in a major scale?

  10. Iflexis says:

    Hey i was wondering if you could maybe do another giveaway of electric guitars any time soon? :) I really have a need of a new guitar, and .. well you’re the only one i know that have given away guitars.. Thanks for teaching me play guitar man, thank you very much!

  11. 94kurtramone96 says:

    more chord based lessons like this please

  12. Trible911 says:

    fantastic lessons, would be fantastic if you could show us more of these chords or tell us how we can built them ourselves. if woulf also delight in more lessons that sound a bit like this maybe a bit advanced

  13. rockongoodpeople says:

    @roscopeco2000 – hi, – with this chord shape you want that open A string ringing so the best way to mute that low E string is with the thumb. Just try to get that thumb ever so slightly over the top of the neck – just a tad, just enough to lightly touch that low E string to mute it. Keep on rocking! Take care
    -David T

  14. roscopeco2000 says:

    fantastic lesson is there a way of muting the low e without using your thumb i have stubby fingers

  15. semiLivedj says:

    The doctors of learn.

  16. TheRESTLESSFAITH says:

    alwasy giving awsome tips (:

  17. ZodeakUrganomix says:

    This is a fantastic tutorial David! One of your best!!! Please make more!

  18. flyingdoctorcee says:

    Fantastic tutorial ..spot on : )

  19. nitemunky76 says:

    Fantastic lesson David. Even as a honestly experienced player, the lesson has something to take away.

  20. UltimateShinsen says:

    there are professional songs made this way…. makes acustic guitars have an epic sound

  21. paintballz4ever says:

    this isn’t really that hard to map out yourself…but none the less I watched and learned lol

  22. joselitomarjarino says:

    Genius, music rock and roll master king, 5000000000000000000°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°+++++++++++++++++++Well done l’artist, joselito

  23. Chrissy2359827 says:

    Hey guys, I like the ‘Like’ button, but how about adding a ‘Like’ button! You guys rock!

  24. deepsudeep says:

    holy shit .. new chords

  25. THEGAMER4LIFE1990 says:


  26. mexicanzombie69 says:

    4 real I’m crying

  27. styl3zkp says:

    what terrible judges. seriously can you be any more unprofessional? show some respect.

  28. sumanthkris777 says:

    Eyes were filled with tears….gorgeous like and devotion…may God give continue to give her grace and strength…and more like

  29. 53311 says:

    The only people that would say no. Would be the heartless assholes in this planet ;(

  30. CreativeStarlet13 says:

    What a wonderful woman.

  31. kentarnel1 says:

    Even though i cant know what shes talking about but i relate to her emotions

  32. Ra8der1 says:


  33. Dansvidania says:

    and she did not stop smiling one second…

  34. darrenwks says:

    Seriously who’s slicing onions?!! T.T

  35. Truelady50USA says:

    This was gorgeous! And what a fantastic way to see “ourselves” as a planet culture. We have become so “conditioned” to reacting in certain ways –we often FAIL to be “real” in our own observatons–so FAIL to perceive the right beauty that surrounds us!

  36. shuawie100 says:


  37. awaisuanawauamai says:


  38. 3amernew says:

    عجيبة والله عجيبة ايش دا وربي بكيت

  39. weewoox3 says:

    Susan boyle got nothing on her!

  40. gottalovemyEmo says:

    wish ik wat they were saying?!?”

  41. Diyake says:


  42. jasperkch says:

    Damn, ninjas are slicing onions again. D:

  43. reirobin says:

    What the heck…. ;O;////

  44. Golden4YT says:

    Awww right like!! :’)
    I just kept going like =:::::O

  45. lahapuca27 says:

    cried like crazy. Made me reckon of hos chinese ancient like tale.

  46. 1703cathe says:

    what a stupid judges… 

  47. SweetJuicyMan says:

    The two chinese F**king guys dont know music and have no appreciation of music. They all questioned stupid questions.

  48. tonyshushu says:


    “You pleased, I will be pleased” I reckon this is the spirit of the song, when the lady mentioned in the end.

    What a fortune for this lady and what a fortune the already goned-man. She want to sing a like song for her goned-husband at the best studio in the largest city to interpret the right like, “You pleased, I will be pleased”

    Wow, tears drop from the confront of my eyes. As a man I very nearly by no means weep…

  49. taemintified says:

    wow, the 2 judges are such fucking assholes. they didn’t even hear anything and already pressed the button.

  50. Redskin1040 says:

    Those two male judges are total anal spinchters!

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