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  1. Sweeper5 says:

    Reminds me of some of Steve Howe’s ancient YES licks. Like it man.

  2. donnelly1994 says:

    Hot damn certainly practicing this! Fantastic video! Thanks :P

  3. KromZorlac says:

    yeah!!! I want more from you,man!

  4. aznguitar says:

    just out of curiousity, whenever u guys all play quick 16 note sixlets, do u guys usually count them as triplets x 2 in your head? i do that on slow pieces but when i seem to play over the the 100bpm+ metronome, i tend to just ignore counting them as triplets x2, and tend to focus more on landing on the first note of the sixlets on the next beat. i dunno if it seem sloppier or not yet but just unusual on what more advance players been doing? thanks!

  5. danthompo44 says:

    Sick Lesson dude, all of your videos are sol helpful :)

  6. zuhairreza41 says:

    GREAT lesson! =)

  7. attitudeblack says:

    well u know from where i belong there is no proper music school so i have to pave the way on my own though i have been playing for a long time yet i lack allot so ur help is very much appreciated :)

  8. Pumpkinhead2400 says:

    No problem man, always glad to help a fellow guitarist

  9. attitudeblack says:

    ah thanku so much for the information i owe u huge time :) thankx

  10. Pumpkinhead2400 says:

    What you need to do is hold your third fiddle with with your right hand while you’re performing legato but play it slow enough that it is as accurate and smooth as possible. Just keep your third fiddle with completely still as you are doing this and eventually muscle memory will kick in, and it will stay there without you having to hold it. Just continue doing this for an hour or so a night to see quick results. You will gradually increase speed over time.Play until your hand is sore&repeat

  11. attitudeblack says:

    well yeh u can say a strecthed legato when i do it my 3rd fiddle with comes down by the side of with pinky :-? but thankx mate


    hey this is awesome! thanks for the lesson man! :D 


    legato by definition is when clarification sound long and stung together like a slur thats why hammer ons are used. it doesnt make it like piono its just a type of playing.


    just practice controlling your pinky. maybe do some fiddle with stretches:p

  15. attitudeblack says:

    would any help me out on how to control my legato 3 clarification per string. when i perform it i cant go my 3rd fiddle with away from fret board it comes down with the pinky
    any suggestions?

  16. HandreyAlex says:

    well the tone and the affect are kinda same really, maple gives a very bright tone while rosewood gives a warm tone.

  17. samhealy93 says:

    Fantastic lesson. Are you resting the side of your first fiddle with of your left hand on the back of the neck or only sad with the fiddle with?

  18. Edge123455 says:

    Well, it also increases your speed and fluidity in your guitar playing. It’s a very excellent technique I just started culture and it does show fantastic results.

  19. oRusty00 says:

    Yes bro.

  20. 1FreeThinker1 says:

    legato makes guitar like piano, not much picking and al hammers and pulls right?

  21. Daiver4070 says:

    И что толку. Пусть для начала звук увеличит.

  22. oT0MJHo says:

    yeah no shit lol, I meant tone wise ;)

  23. ocguitarokr says:


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