Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)

Franz Ferdinand’s second album “You Could Have It So Much Better” released in 2005. Franz Ferdinand: Alex Kapranos — lead guitar, keyboards, lead vocals Nick McCarthy — rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards Bob Hardy — bass Paul Thomson — drums, percussion, backing vocals If you wish to skip to another song, please view the song times below. 00:00 the Fallen 03:41 Do You Want To 07:17 This Boy 09:38 Walk Away 13:14 Evil And A Heathen 15:20 You’re The Reason I’m Leave-taking 18:07 Eleanor Place Your Boots On 20:56 Well That Was Simple 23:59 What You Meant 27:23 I’m Your Villian 31:27 You Could Have It So Much Better 34:09 Fade Together 37:11 Outsiders


  1. Hormicek says:

    koment ktorému rozumiem!! :D :D :D 

  2. gReCiiAsWaN says:

    Ay no ma cantan bien genial <3___ <3

  3. ThereseCapellie says:

    Musím se přiznat, že původně jsem chtěla komentovat mou lámavou angličtinou, ale pak jsem si řekla NE – musím světu ukázat, že i v Čechách máme skvělý hudební vkus :D .. Teď se musím přiznat k další věci – FF jsem objevila 2 dny před jejich vystoupením na RfP (, na kterém jsem samozřejmě chyběla! :D ) a byla to “láska” na první poslech :D .. Linkini jsou úžasná skupina a hromadu svých fanoušků si zaslouží. FF je také úžasná skupina, kterou poslouchají jen ti vyvolení :) . Takže velké + pro nás :D

  4. zomgseriosuly says:

    lol I know it’s more than one guy but I wanted to tell the other person it’s a band without being mean. I didn’t know the archduke thing though. Thanks!!!

  5. Iskibas says:

    That’s right but it led to WWI he was assassinated in 1914.

  6. othaka666 says:

    It is. Franz Ferdinand was an archduke. His assassination is said to have caused a string of events which lead to WWII. The band is named after him.

  7. Das Steed says:

    It is more than one guy it’s a band.

  8. Das Steed says:

    Structure is truly a fantastic song. If you like this you should FUCK OFF:



  9. JonnyMcCraine22 says:

    You Could Have It So Much Better is a truly fantastic song. If you like this you should check out:
    This band have so many catchy tunes!

  10. KubaneboRoman says:

    Hrozně mě nadchla ta suverénnost, že píšeš česky :D A toto album je – spolu s prvním albem FF a In The Aeroplane Over The Sea od NMH – tím největším hudebním klenotem na světě. Hrozně nechápu, že třeba Linkin Park mají takovou fan. základnu a Franz Ferdinand zná jen jeden člověk z deseti :/

  11. guillencharlott3 says:

    omg!!! searching excellent music in internet i find this incredible band. Thanks google. VIVA MEXICO!!

  12. ElytkaAccount says:

    Every single song in this album is fantastic *.*
    Thank you very much for uploading it! :)

  13. zomgseriosuly says:

    lol I thought it was more than one guy

  14. fckj333 says:

    i didn’t knew this guy but i fell in like with his music

  15. ThereseCapellie says:

    Toto album je neuvěřitelné!

  16. YinsShadow says:

    I was going to post the times all the songs were located as, luckily the uploader is sensible enough to do that in the description lol.

  17. YinsShadow says:

    Oh snap, I didn’t pay attention to the song length. xD Like this album though. Thank you very much!

  18. YinsShadow says:

    Greatest anti-emo song ever.
    Dont’ get me incorrect, those songs have their time and place but this NEVER fails to cheer me up and feel more terrible ass when I’m in a down mood.

  19. luis perez says:

    very well

  20. nurul anisa says:

    My fav song ♥

  21. Lipz101 says:

    This Boy, what a tune

  22. brendonwife says:


  23. easy8flowing says:

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  24. muriator says:

    He is sharing HIS album for people who doesn’t really know FF work, who knows only a few main songs, to see how the entire album is excellent… I suppose people ,like me who apreciate the artists already have their album sold, so what’s the problem if sharing this can bring on more and more FF fans, and maybe also bring them to their concert?? So is it worth to make THEIR work to be known ???

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