Free Bird: Guitar Cover, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Full Song Been getting a lot of requirements for this one, so here it is folks. “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The single greatest song ever written (in my book). I learned this when I was like 16 so I’m not using tabs and did it all by ear, so this isn’t perfect. Lynyrd Skynyrd is an awesome awesome band and has gone through far more hardships than they deserve. Even if you’re a Skynyrd traditionalist and reckon the current lineup is just a tribute band, go seem them and support the band, because they place on a fantastic show. RIP: Ronnie Van Zant Billy Powell Allen Collins Leon Wilkeson Steve Gaines Cassie Gaines Hughie Thomasson Ean Evans – seriously, what the hell. that’s way too many people


  1. MrBlazeanator says:

    how the hell do you learn this by ear

  2. thesupermkgod says:

    the white pick-guard on the white body looks really nice

  3. daniel999234 says:

    that was incredible then the solo came and i just sat there with my backtalk open haha

  4. bd307809 says:


  5. apocalyptik4ever says:

    i want to learn how the slide part is, i really like this song, and i want to play it very well

  6. apocalyptik4ever says:

    @guitarg0d7007 exactly!!!!! the song IS PERFECT since 0:00 until 9:56 !!

  7. TheSillygoose101 says:

    @1979audiman Hell yeah bro!

  8. Depthcore960 says:

    am i the only one who creamed all through the solo?

  9. 1979audiman says:

    fucking mezmering. When i play this i go in the ZONE. guitar players know what im talkin about

  10. kgyll says:

    mother of rock… O.O

  11. painnegat says:

    OOOHHH!!!…4:50 eres un MAESTRO no fallaste ni una sola vez, mis respetossss

  12. MrVeeeg says:

    your god

  13. LeaanMontivero says:


  14. WizArtemisos says:

    FUCK, i really despise your talent! YOU ROOOOOOOOCK m/

  15. Shaggy08251993 says:

    how many painkillers did you take when you finished so that your fingers werent killing you? lmao

  16. NiicproXD says:

    You’re awsome man ! In the original, there were three guitars and they took turns playing the solo and accompaniment. Here, you did it alone, awesome !

  17. TtWOLFMANBMX says:


  18. jl98jl says:


  19. gurg212 says:

    You. Sir. Should be proud of yourself.

  20. PikachuLover575 says:

    i reckon its the fact that lynard skynards guitar players unidentical clone that make him be able to play like the gods of rock (van halen, zak wylde, etc)

  21. iClubMidgets says:

    @both top comments I really delight in the lyrics as well as the slide guitar part more than the solo.

  22. championonwheels says:

    I know you can’t see me… but I’m holding up my lighter.

  23. inuyasha42771 says:

    eres el dios de la guitarra owo

  24. mttorres says:

    u place a fire in 5min, awsome man…

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