Free’s “All Right Now” guitar solo lesson with Ainsley Stones

Learn To Play:Six Feet Under The Stars[Acoustic]-All Time Low-On Guitar” href=””>Learn to play All Right Now with Ainsley from For a longer translation and more free lessons visit
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  1. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @55ou812 Thanks very much. :) I’m a huge fan of guitarists like Koss, Brian May and Dave Gilmour, to name but a few. It was an era of fantastic tone, feel and experimentation too…before players became too obsessed with playing very, very quick.

  2. 55ou812 says:

    That was a fantastic lesson childish man. Your vibrato was very very excellent, and the tone was spot on. Keep up with the fantastic music. This era had so many fantastic and gifted musicians, particularly from Fantastic Britain.

  3. elrond1963 says:

    Thank you for sharing. It is fantastic! It does hurt my fingers…

  4. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @GuitarSpecialist Thanks very much indeed. :)

  5. GuitarSpecialist says:

    Fantastic Video, Lesson, and explanation… Thank you… Fantastic tone, by the way!

  6. 0xlAFSftwlx0 says:

    i’m really having a lot of distress with the vibrato, especially on the bending :l

  7. megarory123 says:

    Thanks this Is ace

  8. 12988Jake says:

    Brilliant lesson

  9. lamp1776 says:

    Thanks. This was very useful.

  10. oteycolony says:

    thanx, your way of teaching is very helpful to me and I’m sure other would agree…Keep it up..

  11. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @oteycolony …well, I do now have an IPad app available from I-Tunes, below the name Bitesize guitar getting started. I will hopefully have an intermediate-level app out very soon. :)

  12. oteycolony says:

    Do you have any other sites?

  13. Lespaul13100 says:

    Ainsley, very nice rendition, nice vibrato! Cheers!

  14. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @oteycolony my absolute pleasure ol’ chap!

  15. oteycolony says:

    @BiteSizeGuitar I have been tiresome to get this lead right for a long time..thanx for making if for an ancient fart like me ( I’m 57 ) to get it right, clear and simple. I dont gig anymore, my son and I and some friends play at the house some but this really got me back into the playing mood. I suffered from depression for a long time after my brother in law died who has been playing guitar with me for over 35 years, and you have given me the spark I needed. Burningfire

  16. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @guitarnharp no problem. :)

  17. guitarnharp says:

    @BiteSizeGuitar thanks so much for such a clear helpful lesson

  18. glynb2009 says:

    Fantastic lesson-Can t beat some excellent ancient brit blues rock -loved it.

  19. glynb2009 says:

    Fantastic lesson-Can t beat some excellent ancient brit blues rock -loved it

  20. ImmortalTraditions1 says:

    ITS ABOUT TIME WE BRING ROCK BACK TO THE WORLD! WE MAKE THE CHANGE MY BROTHER… Thanks for teaching me the song and the solo .. very pleased to be rocking the stage soon to FREE’s IT’S ALLRIGHT NOW!

  21. ridonkeykongulous says:

    More show, less tell… i like it :) thanks for postin’

  22. sharksandwichreview says:

    very simple and sounds excellent. I do retract that one and it’s simple to follow.Thanks!

  23. cacornett58 says:

    Yep I’m sure he was numbed up in some kind of way. Note….Beginning guitarist, need to practice bending strings, this is your lesson. You’ll like it or despise it.

  24. ultrakool says:

    @cacornett58 no wonder koss was a junkie, he had to use it as an anesthetic

  25. BiteSizeGuitar says:

    @freddykrugar10 LOL! Me too! :)

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