Golmaal (2006) w/ Eng Sub – Hindi Movie

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 15huda says:

    hahaha harish chandra …,ram chandra….. mirchandani

  2. himalaya213 says:

    50:16 to 50:24 hell amusing dialouge

  3. himalaya213 says:

    5:16 to 50:25 hell out with that dialouge chinese billi dada ji

  4. himalaya213 says:

    hahaha very excellent hell out lol with this movie 50:16

  5. MrOuttsourcee says:

    @hazwanisyafiq , click on “CC” on the player.

  6. hazwanisyafiq says:

    where is the subtitles???

  7. 123loveline says:

    03006564981 dr shahid like u

  8. Dennisgurung says:


  9. jamalafzl says:

    this is soooooooo amusing


  10. tarocco461 says:

    verry amusing movie

  11. rakinelahi1234 says:


  12. MatrixOfDynamism says:


  13. MatrixOfDynamism says:


  14. usasikh1 says:

    awesome movie and amusing.i watched this movie like a million times and i don’t get tried of this movie.COOL very COOL movie.

  15. leky02 says:

    Tushar looks soo cute and hot in this movie >.< * sigh *

  16. ritithepandalover says:

    i like how ajay looks at this part where laxman gives him tea, so hot, sigh:)

  17. Tarun055554 says:

    very amusing movie…

  18. kblp says:

    this is an incredible movie, Golmaal 2 was not that excellent, but Golmaal 3 was excellent, I hope to see Sharman Joshi (Laxman) and Rimi sem in Golmaal 4, This is the best Golmaal movie

  19. wirman777 says:

    how can i make videos loong as this ? 2.28.09 :O

  20. saifhardy99 says:


  21. jackalsdole says:

    movie eEVer

  22. SuperSohakhan says:

    ajay devgan looks mad cool in this movie :) and all the actors were damn amusing specially arshad warsi the cutiiee pie he was damn amusing :)

  23. newskattuneito8 says:

    i like when ajay said “NO, I’M AJAY DEVGAN!” ahahaks LOL

  24. gulrahimredi2010 says:

    lovefull movie and so amusing too i really like it

  25. mrumermemon1 says:

    Golmaaalllll oho golmaaallll oho .. :)

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