Greatest Guitar Solo Ever

I like this solo. Musical legend!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 68Guitarlover says:

    Please visit my channel! :)

  2. Sirkinney says:

    GOT DAMN! Prince is a terrible mutha fucka. I reckon God caught his guitar because after that routine God would be the only one who could catch and handle something that flammable safely.

  3. diffrentstrokes says:

    Someone must have edited out the giant pile of panties terrified onstage in front of Prince. WOW

  4. mtzlplex says:

    @steverut47 You are flawed, this video is from the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, not from the Concert for George.

  5. mackinleyburnett says:

    this would have been better without that wannabe petty. here we see him in his george harrison personna. at time he thinks he’s dylan and other times mcguinn. he is in the top 5 most overrated rockers of all time. he is the female translation sheryl crow

  6. steverut47 says:

    I was on the second row from the front at this concert at the albert hall, i hung round all day outside because i had a spare ticket…at 6pm i gave it to a gorgeous german girl!

  7. EkonEzung says:

    Damn Prince can play ! .. Wow !! Nice !!!

  8. roost24 says:

    Damn that was excellent.

  9. rhogskin says:

    I’ve by no means been a huge fan of this song as far as Beatles songs go, but this was really really excellent. I like both Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne’s vocals, especially considering their time with George from the Wilbury’s. And even though I am not a Prince fan, per se, his solo was incredible. Like it or not, he is super talented, and you have to like the energy he added to this song.

  10. TAYLORHWALL says:

    Prince can shred some lunacy!!! holy shite!!!

  11. aubreyaardvark says:


  12. Smoggin420 says:

    damn Prince is badass on the 6 string

  13. djfinny says:

    @SlapTabs While my guitar gently weeps…obviously

  14. puddnhead says:

    @SlapTabs While My Guitar Gently Weeps, originally written by George Harrison of The Beatles

  15. SlapTabs says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song?

  16. eightfivenine says:

    Prince does his best Jimi impersonation!

  17. garygzb says:

    well said mate…

  18. ambruus says:


  19. TheMetonicMuzakCorp says:

    @gogunn The Best Lead Ever has not and will by no means be played. Music, like the universe is endless.The best lead to date? A matter of personal preference.

  20. bmoliveras says:

    Another Guitar gently weeps from being simply vaporized by Prince Mmmmmmm

  21. bmoliveras says:

    The Electric Guitar was invented in Oklahoma by Bob Dunn from Beggs, Ok in 1935… thank God For Oklahoma!!!!

  22. bmoliveras says:


  23. kentaappel says:

    Prince is a fantastic guitar player no doubt about that but his sizzling lead at the end here just doesn’t fit this particular song. But still it was well done.

  24. gogunn says:

    @TheMusicman870 so what’s the” best lead ever”? stupid declaration

  25. juicyjoe97 says:

    That… was… AMAZING!!11!!1!1

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