Green Day – Good Riddance – Time of your Life – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. cutelittleboysam says:

    Simplest chord E minor

  2. Incredisuper says:

    the nimrod translation is arpeggiated. this is the one released as a bside to some single from dookie (i reckon it’s basket case, but i’m not really sure) and featured strummed chords.

  3. FaustinaFalcon8 says:

    but its the team captain!

  4. anirudhshukla30 says:

    brilliant , thank you..

  5. Pepsiholic88 says:

    Marty, you are the only guitar tutorial channel that really teaches me guitar in a way I can know. My hat comes off to you. Most the time people just tell you, “Place your fingers here, and strum.” You say the chord, show a diagram, and a strumming try out. You’re an incredible teacher. You also have excellent taste in music.

  6. XxAgentUnknownxX says:

    D minor?

  7. sjfno3 says:

    thats what i thought in the album thats what it sounds ike to me

  8. sjfno3 says:

    this video is fantastic bt can i just question in the album translation it sounds like he was playing just a few f the clarification of the chord it sounds more like fiddle with picking is this what it really is like or am i just hearing things

  9. pgkpgk2 says:

    dude, it is not a d, it is a d5. if you take note to the song, there is no f#.

  10. hbf96 says:

    marty rocks

  11. BarnesFX says:

    The weird muted strumming chord?

  12. BarnesFX says:


  13. MsAngelDevil33 says:

    I can’t do the D chord :(

  14. Willsonnax says:


  15. zxXiiORIGINALZiiXxz says:


  16. danielcanales100 says:

    man i learned more from marty in 2 hours than i ever did on my own

  17. MrAlechoc1000 says:

    I wish i could like this video 10 times it was so helpful!!!

  18. Joshlikestoast says:


  19. TNTacdcAcDc says:

    Pet video by you

  20. MrRockstarisme says:

    @Brains4you No man, it’s d minor .. (I’m just messing with you..)

  21. ajax1324 says:

    sweet sure its A minor

  22. garagepatrol says:

    certainly not

  23. pauhan1 says:

    I just have to say, one of the main things my guitar teacher doesnt know that I have problems with is the strumming try out, like, with simple man, i know the base try out, but he is no help at all for the try out. the fact that you started with that, is fucking awesome. thank you

  24. BryanKern99 says:

    D Minor
    1st fiddle with 1st fret 1st
    2nd fiddle with 2nd fret 3rd string
    3rd fiddle with 3rd fret 2nd string

  25. xVIVALAACEx says:

    D minor

  26. xprimale says:

    damn, why is the bar so hard? i havent been able to advance for weeks because of this scumbag F chord.

  27. YesseniaSegovia says:

    lol seriously

  28. Sunnijimelliott says:

    scumbag F

  29. thanhgaz1999 says:

    well i hurt my fingers :( (

  30. Bobnyg1 says:

    Its simpler to not use the longest fiddle with to me because the longest fiddle with distracts my pointing fiddle with . Is there any “policy ” about whitch fiddle with to use ? or is it just to play like personally you feel most confortable ?

  31. chinorox123 says:

    its sooo hard

  32. CCV334 says:

    F you F chord

  33. xxczerxx says:

    Can’t one use pinky instead of third fiddle with? :S

  34. mmoore9274 says:

    Is it supposed to hurt your pointer fiddle with at first?

  35. holycow412 says:

    The G string :o

  36. TheEC1203 says:

    my F’in fingers hurt! but the vid was really helpful :)

  37. Ana Gomes says:

    looks simple, IT IS TERRIBLE.

  38. 160daryaa says:

    F my fingers maan i cant do this :D

  39. lionbrawler says:

    F my life

  40. interpird350 says:

    DM, A, E

  41. murkan96 says:

    idk why, but i dont see anything hard here…

  42. HaydenWallace1995 says:

    The F chord came quite natural it was honestly simple for me to learn, iv’e just started culture guitar about a day ago. So far Iv’e learned the G,C,D,AM,EM,and F by memory, any information on other beginner chords that are excellent to know?

  43. Ralphy1497 says:


  44. safeandsoundhg says:

    just got it!

  45. safeandsoundhg says:

    I swear. I despise this chord. My guitar teacher said i did it the best the first time he ever saw someone do it, but im having distress with it

  46. annspade says:

    Thank you! Fantastic video… simple to follow. Fabulous quality.

  47. TCballa66 says:

    you reckon this is hard? wait till the Bm. wooo its impracticable!

  48. whateverpanda796 says:

    For all of you wanting to five up…don’t! I promise it gets so much simpler! Make struggle your friend. Bring the guitar close to you and use ARM strength to help get this thing down. I know you can do it. So for a fellow guitar player….please don’t even reckon of giving up. Me and my guitar have been through some struggles.. but we’re best friends :)

  49. CheeziChicken says:

    Eep. F chord realllly hurts my wrist for some reason but I can play it now

  50. UTF says:

    f chord is the worst standard chord. Every time a song calls for it I cringe.

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