Guitar Lesson – Radiohead – Creep

Creep is a excellent song to practice your barre chords with. You can also add a combination of major and minor chords as shown to add some more depth to the song. Keep playing!


  1. Adrildm says:

    I reckon i like you.

  2. DargenceMusic says:

    Thank you :)

  3. LittleMissBrendy says:

    “You doubtless first heard it in 1993″ I wasn’t even born in 1993.

  4. MariaShido says:

    Amusing accent :)

  5. juank28827 says:


  6. miguelinoz says:

    excellent lesson! i like yer accent

  7. greenslashpurple says:


  8. Funkstarfish says:

    your accent makes me miss south africa, just a small.

  9. TheKoolstool says:

    South africa bro

  10. ChaserDalton07 says:

    It was like doing math homework with an asian Morgan Freeman, you make it so simple and sound fantastic at it!

  11. RheddcgK2 says:

    Hh ha, my pinkie refuses to do that sus chord…:-)

  12. juliojupiter says:

    thanks dude!!! C:

  13. JuliaZharnikova says:

    Спасибо огромное! Вы замечательный учитель)

  14. IoWnYawn says:

    Fantastic video, but has anyone ever told you, you happen to look like Neil Patrick Harris. :]

  15. 2JustJoin says:

    I don’t reckon Ive ever learned a song so quick. Excellent work

  16. kamu1488 says:


  17. deanlcooljoe says:

    Where is your accent from?

  18. MrMymagtig says:

    nice work boet!

  19. niggaplease496 says:


  20. Rafael Valente says:

    I dont know if it is the right way but I do it like this : down down  (nearer now) up down up and then just one more down hope it helped

  21. Rafael Valente says:

    fantastic tutorial, thanks :)

  22. 024DoubleA says:

    stop at 1:12 Xd
    Thanks really helped

  23. Dawngod says:

    Fantastic! I’ll check the rest of ur videos too. thnx

  24. roxette cool says:

    how about the struming?? Up down up down

  25. MrBoby38 says:

    excellent stuff mate

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