Guitar Lessons – How To Play Hey There Delilah – Guitar Songs
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Sorry the picking is a small confusing, but thats the way it is!! Any questions send em to me and please comment! BTW, the quality is crap so I’m gonna have to do something about that, so sorry! BTW 2: People have said that i am doing the chords incorrect but the chords I’m playing are just alternative chords and are simpler for beginners to play!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. yodaddy9161 says:

    I like the way you play it but where did you originally learn to play it like tabs a website where

  2. edunicastro says:

    after she sang she became at smallest amount twice as hot =P
    but really i like her accent

  3. jcasser2thesun says:

    Do u sing

  4. jcasser2thesun says:

    Shes cute lol

  5. JellyforKelly says:

    Wow this is so fantastic thanks :) 

  6. nonchalantgamer says:

    @Sticky11711 Wow, chill out. Why can’t we appreciate both?

  7. linkster1501 says:

    what kind of guitar is that? like the brand i mean

  8. linkster1501 says:

    What kind of huitar is that?

  9. fbravis says:

    I swear I saw you on omegle last night. lol nice tutorial

  10. TheReadySetShout says:

    Her accent is the best part =w=
    European accents are so fun, I would say the same thing if she was a guy even :P
    Either way, hers is fun to take note too. :D

  11. LittleMsJazzie says:

    Thanks for making all these how-to videos, they’re really helping me :)

  12. MrDaseala says:

    Thanks, I only started culture guitar a week and a half ago and I can nearly play this already! Still small bit slow on chord changes and strumming can sometimes go off beat but nearly have it! having distress fiddle with picking though, reckon my hands are too huge lol

  13. TheShamantherrr says:

    HI! I was wondering if you could type the try out for plucking? I took clarification on the rest, but I could not keep up with that part! :)

  14. millerc96 says:

    Id like to play your guitar

  15. kaallen1995 says:

    this is fantastic, best tutorial ive seen, just got my guitar today and im able to play this whole song thanks to you!!!

  16. ironman200330144 says:

    Awesome! This is helping me so much today as I learn on my guitar!

  17. pixie3097 says:

    thanks this helps a lot :D this is gonna be the first song i play on guitar XD

  18. james000284 says:

    nice lesson thankyou you heaps very simple and your singing isnt shit

  19. KingOTMountains says:

    incredible lesson;thanks SO much. It breaks down so well. Can I possibly request a tutorial of “The Outdoor Type” by the Lemonheads (written by Smudge) – it is a song I want to play but have as yet not found a excellent online tutorial. . Thanks SO much for your time….

  20. pirocan1 says:

    @bankablerumble LOL

  21. bankablerumble says:

    i like her accent, its nice….. oh shit i mean its a excellent tutorial :D

  22. carloscarterable says:

    Hey thanks 4 the lesson. ur cute!)

  23. Xyf3rse says:

    Hey awesome tutorial! I mastered the song in a week. But can i question you, is that a scar on your strumming hand?

  24. Puhpit says:

    Hmm are you talking about tablature? Because I’m talking about when you’re really playing the guitar haha. My terrible. When you’re playing the string bordering to you is Huge E/6th string.

  25. brittanylsmoore says:

    @Puhpit No I don’t. The top string is the huge E string. Huge E is the fattest string.

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