Guitar Lessons – Kings of Tone – David Gilmour 1

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: More Guitar Lessons: Kings of Tone examines twelve masters of tone revealing their gear and effects formulas (and how you can emulate same with your own gear) by the side of with their singular approaches to “touch” and stylistic phrasing. While our quest is ultimately about finding our own “voice” and signature sound, we must first study the masters, just as they studied those who came before them. Kings of Tone dissects the styles, touch, tones, amps, pedals, guitars and setups of Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Dickey Betts, Duane Allman, The Edge, Angus Childish, David Gilmour, Keith Richards and Mark Knophler. Your Professor of Tone is NYC conference player and educator Jeff McErlain, whose standing-room-only workshops on the subject testify to his expertise stemming from years of tone exploration. “I hope to demystify the tonal qualities of these twelve players by sharing the insight I’ve gained over many years studying them and deconstructing their styles, touch and rigs.”
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  1. 7hotfuzz7 says:

    Looking for a versatile set for my mim strat. I want something that has fantastic bell like glassy tones ala SRV clean/Gilmour clean and something that can get down and dirty ala Hendrix/assorted classic rock bands. Doesn’t have to be fender sets, just something below $200. I was really looking into the DiMarzio area p’ups. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. flyingsoundmachine says:

    I reckon the fact that he uses a compressor to boost his sustain instead of using a reverb, which regurgitates the entire signal ad-infintium, really shows how much David knows about the dynamics of sound engineering. I would have by no means thought of replacing reverb with a compressor. Now I have another trick up my sleeve. Mwahahaha!

  3. flyingsoundmachine says:

    I really appreciate the education on these pedals. It’s intimidating when you walk into a music pile and you see bazillions of pedals up on sight.

  4. xavizdravko says:

    tnx a lot, your video opened a whole new wold to me… to simple things up, all u have to do, imagine tempo in your mind, AND SIMPLY TAP A TRIPLET ON YOUR DELAY PEDAL!!! u r now ready to go RNR!!! :D u dont need dotted eight choice!!!

  5. thewhitefirs says:

    Hiwatt DR103

    WEM Cabinets with Fane speakers

  6. panter7722 says:


  7. TheOnlyThomJ says:

    This really helped a lot, just managed to get a decent sound out of the delay on my boss me-70 board. Thinking of buying a huge muff and an electric mistress soon. Anyways thanks for the upload, really helpful

  8. Taymix05 says:

    i too would like an extensive and expensive rack ;)

  9. Robb9096 says:


  10. BludySkinz says:

    4:40 , Dogs intro?

  11. 4567pino says:

    wow , you really nailed the tone on part 2!

  12. mountainbmx says:

    @drbilldc Em and A

  13. vonbrach says:

    What are the best settings for the compressor and the flanger to get Gilmour’s tone?

  14. randyrhoadshimself says:

    or buy a pod hd500

  15. raghavraghavs says:

    That was very very illustrative. Fantastic info. Thank you

  16. drbilldc says:

    excellent video!! What was that chord progression that starts at 03:43 when you are demoing the Deja Vibe?

  17. Bartolucci711 says:

    Check out Hang up your hang ups by Herbie Hancock, that song is chock full of that poppy funky guitar sound :)


    I currently don’t have a deja-vibe and the bordering would be my MXR EVH Phase 90 … will that do at a low setting or would you still recommend a flanger or vibe pedal. Also, in your set up … would you use the Electric Mistress and Deja-Vice together or one only at a time depending on what the tone you want is.

    I se a Tonebone Trimode and have the phase 90 dedicated to the line 2 output so it comes on only when the second or my “lead” ’2” channel is activated.

    I appreciate your time

  19. Pleiadesz says:

    That funk thing his playing is fucking awesome someones now any song thats sounds similair to that!?

  20. 707dude707 says:

    what amp are you using?

  21. Glbluesboy says:

    @professorfoxtrot aren’t they?

  22. Nothingtearsthebeast says:

    I like my Strat’s noiseless pickups.

  23. lineproto says:

    Very excellent job man, thank you

  24. DavidGilmourTheGod says:

    David Gilmour is the king of tone.

    My opinion =P

  25. angelis1967 says:

    conversa demais!!!

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